MinPenCon 2012 - It was Zouper (and still a little Fedorable)

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

Heading home on the bus now, had an awesome time!
I lost every game other than BSG, I wouldn't really say I won that either.

Sorry for not talking very much most of the time and talking too much in Werewolf

Special thanks to Mono (and Amanda/Leland) and Cheeto (and Jake) for making me able to actually be there.

Thanks to Oily (and everybody that helped him) for setting everything up. Though I'm bringing a taser next time for if you try to tickle me again...

Thanks to the people who showed me how to play games and the people I played with.

Steve, Amanda, Leland, Kurt, Jake, Brian, Chris, other Chris, other Steve, Dan, Rob, Mike, Mike Zenke, Matt, Allen (my spelling may be wrong), Erik, Blue, and Kengi (I'm sorry I forgot your meatspace names!).
And the people who's names I didn't catch or forgot (sorry!) I know there's a few I can see in my head but can't put names to them.
And the DGR guys.
And the Artemis guy.

I loved all the games I played, even the ones I did terrible at (all of them).
7 Wonders, Cosmic Encounters, Werewolf, BSG, Race for the Galaxy, Artemis (*drool*, must play again), Betrayal at the House on the Hill (or something like that), Citadels, Cards Against Humanity (even if I didnt get all the jokes), and anything else I forgot.

Summed up: It was Zouper.

It's Kengi cause I'm Ken G. See how it works?

And I had a blast. Glad I got to teach some games, and you guys got to check out some other games. I'll be talking with Oily about maybe having a more official space come October. If there are games you want to see run, let me know and I'll make sure they get done properly!

I just thought I would cross-promote this code to save on a 6 person-license in case anyone is interested...

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By popular demand, a thread for this year's biggun

uh, no, we don't have any information to relay yet =)

For those who didn't see on the PenCon12 thread, here's some video of the Artemis rig at MinPenCon:

I'd really like to find some video of the earlier, slightly-more-sober crews doing their thing.

I have one toph, you are actually the guy walking around giving orders in it, but i do not know how to get it from my iphone to the website, nor do I know how to post videos.

PM me your phone number and ill send it!

Testing Testing...

Awesome, thanks.