The Elder Scrolls Online Catch-All

Budo wrote:

Two quick questions:
1. Any general tips for someone starting this game for the first time? (If it helps I'm a Skyrim vet)

2. At this point early on, should I dive in and get the expansion packs? If so, which ones (Blackwood, Greymoor, Elsweyr, Summerset, Morrowind)

Thanks, and looking forward to some fun times in Tamriel!

There’s a ton of content just in the base game so it’s not really necessary to get into the expansions, though I personally think most of the expansions are improved over the base game. FWIW, if you buy the Blackwood expansion all the previous expansions come bundled with it.

No real advice other than to not worry too much about your build early on, just find what works for you. Skill points seem like they’ll be a limiting factor when you start playing but there’s more than enough to spend however you want. I have two full builds worth of skills plus all the crafting trees maxed out and I still have dozens of skill points left over.
The ability points that you use to raise your health/stamina/magic is another matter though, as those are limited, so you may want to hold off on spending those until you know what your primary stat is going to be.

Both of which can be reset for a Gold cost at any time (when you can afford it). As always gold will seem scarce early on, but by the time you're deciding on a stam or magika main, you'll have enough gold to reset anyway.

Bottom line, don't worry too much about min/max'ing, for PvE content at least. Just have some great fun!

Get ESO+ and play whatever locale you're interested in (tho the latest expansion with Oblivion gate requires purchase atm, all the rest are rolled into ESO+).

As always, I am Sydhart in ESO. I'd like to get enough for a trial if anyone is interested. Shoot me a tell in game and if you have a spot we have a clan you can join.