The Elder Scrolls Online Catch-All

Hey all... I still regularly (read: daily) play ESO and would love to group up with GWJ peeps. I am in a guild that would likely fit folks here, it's called the Grey Manes (on PC) and the Greyish Manes on Xbox (I play on both). It is a guild specifically catering to folks with lives. Play how you want, when you want.

I originally only played with my wife (heh) on Xbox because we weren't about group chat with strangers or PUGs. I have found the game to be so much more fun with a fun group, and activities that we simply couldn't enjoy (such as dungeons and trials) have given the game some serious legs, for us.

The guild(s) use Discord to organize and are very welcoming. We have actually started a sister guild on PC as the original has hit the 500 member mark, while the Xbox guild has a robust and active population of about 90 people.

Anyone interested can find the Discord at right here or look me up in game, @Abu5217 on PC, GT Abu5217 on Xbox.