The Elder Scrolls Online Catch-All

You have to pick up the Crow Caller item from the Crown Store. This starts the quest.

Edit: I don't know that there's enough time to earn the mount though. The way I read the details on the event, you can only get one event ticket per day and it takes many to get the mount.

Thanks! Yeah if I recall correctly, it takes 10 to get the mount.

Bummer. The event ends in 8 days. (But I believe it comes back around annually.. FWIW)

You can earn one ticket per day, up to 12 tickets. It costs ten tickets to get one feather. It takes four feathers to get the free mount. So actually the mount won't be available until future seasonal events. They said you'd be able to earn it by the end of the year.

According to the website, in later events this year you'll be able to earn two or three tickets per day. And the mount will always be available, so if you keep logging in for celebrations you'll get it eventually.

Thanks for the clarification!

I just picked this up with a friend. We were looking for something relaxing to hang out in now that we live in different cities.

My early experience is that it's hard to do quests together, with each character seemingly tracking the quest objectives independently even though we are in a group. Is that the truth of the matter or are we doing it wrong?

I think some of the DLC areas address this better than the starting areas - only one of the group needs to pick up a quest object, etc.

But yeah, it was never a strong point. It used to be much worse, though, so there's that, at least.

I believe you can share your quest with your group (except for the main quests). I play on Xbox and can't recall exactly how right now, but you can look into it.

Thanks, folks. We tried quest sharing, but it just starts both of us on our own, un-synchronized questlines. We'll just have to be disciplined about making sure we both advance the quests, I guess. No biggie.

Hey yall, just got back into this with a friend recently. Does there happen to be a GWJ guild out there?