The Elder Scrolls Online Catch-All

Get the cheapest one, Tamriel Unlimited. By the time you get through that content and want more there will be plenty of time for the Morrowind stuff to drop in price.

So I ended up grabbing this and have been having fun.
Is the a gwj recommended guild or something?
If anyone wants to find me, UserID: @chartes

Nada. I recently stopped playing but before I was in Grievance guild which was great!

Tried this out for a few hours today due to it being the early unlock in Humble Monthly, and I'm very impressed. I don't have much love for the TES games post-Morrowind, but this feels great so far! I really like what I've played and would love to join a GWJ guild if we can get one going


I never ended up getting a guild, but still enjoy it from time to time.
UserID: @chartes

Well, I grabbed Morrowwind, so I'll be spending additional time in the game after this weekend.

What's the consensus on Morrowind now that it's been out for a while? How does the story compare to TES III?

Playing this on Xbox One. Mostly just doing singleplayer and exploring for the sights. My GamerTag is thestarsarehigh.

I've never played an MMO before so there's a lot of stuff I'm getting used to, on top of playing on a console.

I never bothered to check by is this game cross playable with xbx, pc, and ps4?

lunchbox12682 wrote:

I never bothered to check by is this game cross playable with xbx, pc, and ps4?

Nope. Different set of servers.

Any GWJ endorsed guild and/or recommended one? Keen to have a chat in-game and see what everyone's doing!

A lot play with Grievance Guild

Thanks. I've checked it out!

Any current or former Xbox players? My girlfriend and I want to share stuff and the best way is a guild bank.

Only trouble is you need 10 player accounts in a guild to unlock the bank. I was told I could just try to get other new players in and not give them bank access, but I'd rather avoid that hassle.

If you have a bit of gold you can ask people to sign for a few gold. Once the charter is signed and guild formed they can be dropped I believe.