Great stadiums of the world.

So a bit of research work has found that the Melbourne Cricket Ground is on the verge of having its' 100 millionth patron go through the turnstiles to watch a football match.

Football was first played at this site in 1869 and early records are certainly spotty at best the bulk of those patrons are well accounted for.

What other stadiums around the world have similar records? It would need a combination of age, size and frequency of events to get to a number that large, and would never have moved which possibly rules out some candidates.

Anfield? Old Trafford? Wembley? Nebraska maybe, but even 300-odd sellouts in a row only comes to about 30 million. Michigan?

I imagine some of the older baseball stadiums have hit this, remember they have 81 home games plus playoffs every year. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are both about 100 years old. Fenway Park's wikipedia page says they have sold out 717 straight home games since 2003, which is about 26 million attendees in only 9 years with their 36,000 seat capacity.

If you calculate that they sold 20,000 seats to 81 home games a year for the last 100 years that is 162 million not including playoffs and that is probably a low number.

Yeah baseball stadiums. Five have drawn over 100 million as of the start of this season.

Yankee Stadium 151,741,771
Dodger Stadium 146,987,687
Fenway Park 139,452,863
Wrigley Field 135,210,452
Tiger Stadium 104,261,485

From The Baseball Times.