Rayman Legends (Ubisoft jumps on the Skylanders train)


So far the only trailer I could find is this one as the Youtube version got pulled.
This looks very promising - WiiU tablet being used as the Skylanders sensor, possible Smash Bros style gameplay?
Speculations Ahoy!

So I can't find any Rayman Legends Catch-All (does one exist)...

I've been putting a fair amount of time into this on PC, I have about 400 of the 700 teensies, and I've finally come to a conclusion.

This is not as good as Rayman Origins.

It's a really pretty, but I think the level design is too busy, I don't like the fake-touch sections (where you press 'Y' to simulate someone using the Wii U gamepad) and it doesn't feel as unique as Origins did.