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Fan Art

After making my own Jersey concept I found whole websites dedicated to Jersey Design and fan art. I thought it would be cool to have a place on the forums for sports fans to post fan art in the form of jersey concepts, music videos, interpretive dance, drawings and whatever else you goojers can find.


Jersey Concept

I live in the lower mainland of British Columbia and when I heard that an AHL team was coming to town I was pretty excited. Although Calgary is the affiliate it was decided that the team would be branded in such a way that Calgary rivalry hockey fans would still go and enjoy the games. Fans were presented with three pre-determined team names and logo's to vote on at an open house arena showing and online. Much of Abbotsford was hoping for the Abbotsford Aviators name to be chosen. After the contest was complete it came to media attention that the jerseys has already been printed and the name decided on before the contest began. In the end the Abbotsford team was Abbotsford Heat and a horrible logo was reveled.

Here is a nice article about the team… coming in at number #1 yay!

I am still fond of the team name Abbotsford Aviators and decided to make concept art of what the team logo and jersey design would look like.


The above image is supposed to be reminiscent of modern airplane pilot wings with the old Atlanta flames logo in the middle.

Next are the shoulder patches. The Calgary flames have a Canadian flag on one shoulder and the provice flag on the other. I decided I would use that concept for the shoulders, but change it up a bit.


This shoulder patch has the Maple leaf and the airplane pilot wings instead of the Canadian flag.


This shoulder patch has the Dogwood emblem which is the flower for BC and is present on the Abbotsford Flag.