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El_Duder wrote:

Hit my first ace yesterday on hole 9 at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. A group of 5 was letting me play through, which I always appreciate, but it makes me nervous and I tend to rush so that I don't slow their play. Regarless, my drive went up between the two center most trees and gently hyzered right into the basket (which isn't visible in the pic and isn't visible from the center of the pad). Fortunately, I poked my head to the left just in time to see it hit and the 5 guys were there to witness the shot. Felt awesome!

And the rest of my round was not particularly good, but I could have lost every one of my discs (except for the ace disc) and not a single shat would have been given.

Awesome, I also hit my first ace over the weekend at Riverhead field on Marthas Vineyard (Hole 13). The fairway and a line of trees required a shot that banked to the left after about 100 ft then finished back to the right. I threw a turnover forehand with the Valk that did just that. Unfortunately the basket is out of site from the tee so I didn't see it go in. Also, I was with a group of 7 and we pay out $10 per 100 ft / person on each ace. Or course the hole that I hit was 5 ft short of $120 (195 ft white tee)!

Aces are a point of amazement to me. I can see how it's possible on a few of the courses I play on around here, but I have zero clue of how to actually mechanically make that happen. I mean, I can see the lines that you'd need to hit, but as for actually doing that, and with any real consistency? Much work do I see ahead of me.

That said, my new-found lack of employment has afforded me the opportunity to get out and play more.

Considering my BF Jake got one. I think a lot of luck is involved and just pure chance

I am sure SOME skill is involved for people who can consistently get an ace, but for the average player...its just damn lucky!

Rise up!

So, I'm a little over a year into playing. Since last year I haven't gotten out nearly as much as I'd liked to, but a lot of that has to do with not leaving the house at all. I have watched my scores come down pretty heavily, and am generally scoring 2-3 strokes over par(54 over 18 holes) at my favorite local course, and have cut 10 strokes or so off my scores at my home course, from +20 or more over to around +10.

Any of you other folks still getting out there and throwing plastic at metal? If so, I'd be more than willing to make a drive if there are any folks here in OH to throw a round or two.

I try to play once a week (around Boston) but this summer has been tough due to being so booked up. My scores aren't getting any better but I did manage to throw a personal record 380 ft forehand (roughly). My previous farthest throws would max out at 360.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a round or two before a BBQ tomorrow.

Sweet. Another thing that I thought about later on is this year's Ace Race that Discraft puts on. Player's pack looks pretty sweet; they're making the discs in the more premium Titanium plastic. So for your $25 entry fee, you're getting nearly $40 in plastic plus a ton of other stuff. I'm probably gonna try and make it to one out near Cbus here in Ohio.

I have watched a couple Ace race videos on youtube and it looks like a ton of fun. I still need to try out that Titanium plastic.

Ace Race events are really the perfect venue for that, especially this year's since you get a pair of prototype discs(drivers in this case) in the plastic.

I'm still playing regularly. Most Wednesday's I get to my local league night and I just finished up my first A-tier tournament this past weekend. I ended up tied for 17th out of 26 in intermediate. I'm not too disappointed but not too thrilled either since I took a 7 on the very last hole of the tournament. With that hole alone I went from +5 to +8 on a tough layout at Moraine State Park. My best finish to date is fourth a few weeks ago in a tournament at Punderson State park in Ohio.

As part of this past weekends tournament the pro players had a final round that I got to watch. We were lucky to have Ricky Wysocki (current top rated player) in town to defend his title, which he did to the tune of a 12 stroke victory. It was pretty amazing watching what him and some of the other pros are capable of with a piece of plastic.

Where in Ohio do you play. I live in Metro Detroit and play regularly. We have made a few trips down to Toledo, and are not opposed to go further south...

Chabuda wrote:

Where in Ohio do you play. I live in Metro Detroit and play regularly. We have made a few trips down to Toledo, and are not opposed to go further south...

I'm about 3 hours south of Toledo, in Dayton. There's a ton of local courses, so I don't have much need to road trip out.

I don't really care for the Ace Race disc from this year. I'm not a big fan of titanium plastic in general, though, for various reasons. I wish discraft would go back to midranges for the Ace Race, but they don't have much need to since they've perfected it with the Buzzz.

It's been a tough season in the Midwest with all the rain. The Metroparks in Michigan have been bug infested. They're just now starting to lighten up a little.

Drove down to Cincy on Friday, played Mt Airy. What a fantastic course. It's decidedly RHBH unfriendly, with near half the holes on the course playing right to left, and another third being relatively neutral in layout, but most baskets favoring a left or RHFH player. Aggravating but fun, and it really forced me to work the anny backhand all day.

This thread doesn't get much love. I guess the game is not growing as fast I thought it would. I have some slow-mo throw vids that I took with my iphone in the past year. I'm a noob to video posting though. Not sure what the best way to do that would be.

My putting has been much worse this year now that I'm not playing weekly. The Anode, my new favorite putter, is helping somewhat.

I was throwing an Anode as my upshot putter for a while. Loved it until it fell out of my bag without me noticing it; that's actually a part of what drove me to splurge on this:


Depth comparison of the top storage area:


I'm taking it out for its inaugural round tomorrow, but so far I'm pretty stoked about it.

You just started a couple years ago right? You have clearly went off the deep end

I actually had to give up on overstuffing my Fade Crunch this summer. My girlfriend got me one of these so I can now comfortably fit 16 discs, some brews, and other amenities.

EvilDead wrote:

You just started a couple years ago right? You have clearly went off the deep end

I actually had to give up on overstuffing my Fade Crunch this summer. My girlfriend got me one of these so I can now comfortably fit 16 discs, some brews, and other amenities.

Yep, I've been playing two years now. My game has come a long way; I'm consistently getting 350' or more out of my drives, my upshots are really good when I'm paying enough attention, and I've gone from making 75% or so of my putts at 15 feet or less to making 75% at 20-25 feet. I've developed a solid 275-300' forehand from barely 200', although I'm still having to crutch that with stable-overstable discs rather than throwing neutral-stable discs.

That said, a high quality bag is really the only thing I hadn't bought yet, and the VA gave me the perfect excuse; I had to drive to Cleveland(the actual Cleveland, which is rather nice) for an appointment, which means getting paid mileage. Well, after the mileage check I'll get in a week or two, I wound up paying two bucks out of pocket for my bag. Disc-wise, I only really need to worry about buying anything new if I lose a disc which is becoming a much less frequent occurrence, and even then I've got an extra or two for the discs I really like throwing, which is very helpful.

Ok, review time. I really enjoyed the bag. The huge top pocket was awesome, and there's enough extra storage in a couple smaller pockets for my wallet and phone. The bag itself was incredibly comfortable to carry for a full day as well. Well worth the money I spent, and if $175 is a bit much, I'd suggest looking for one used.

I guess I'll see if I can revive this? Anyone here still play disc golf?

I started almost 2 years ago after playing a lot of Frisbee with friends. Closest course to me is 20 minutes away but we also go to some nice courses like at Water Works Park in Kansas City, MO or Ewing Park in Des Moines, IA. Just bought another disc this morning actually.

Hah, yeah I still play. This NE winter has been brutal though so its been a while. Looking forward to putting some miles on my new bag that I got for Christmas. I find it amusing that the last time I posted in this thread I was also on a new bag.

Nice, here is Northern Missouri its been nice enough to play kinda. Gonna try to miss some rain tomorrow and play a round before work.

I'm still on a little Dynamic Disc bag I got for Christmas a year ago. Ordered a Dynamic Disc Judge 175g this morning, it will hopefully replace my first putter, a Discraft Banger GT.

Yes, but not enough man.