SWTOR: GWJ Sith Guild, Imperial Paper Pushers Catch-All

ELewis17 wrote:

Fear the amazon woman!

Ya know, for the longest time last night while I was grouped with you guys I thought the operative was a guy. Then I noticed the oddly muscular, bulging.... chest... and bikini. I think it was the helmet that threw me.

Kehama wrote:
ELewis17 wrote:

Fear the amazon woman!

Ya know, for the longest time last night while I was grouped with you guys I thought the operative was a guy. Then I noticed the oddly muscular, bulging.... chest... and bikini. I think it was the helmet that threw me.

Even still, can you really be sure? Personally, I'm not closing the book on that argument until we see what's under the loincloth.

Tanglebones wrote:
Kehama wrote:

I love my Mercenary BH but I also love my Sorcerer Inq, both feel extremely powerful when compared to my poor Jug. The BH takes out groups of enemies like nobodies business while my Inq burns down single enemies in record time while my Jug just stands there hacking away at a single target for a couple minutes before beating them down. Maybe I just need to level up my Jug a bit more, poor guy's only 14.

My Powertech tank feels pretty ridiculously overpowered in comparison to my SI healer. I'm waiting on the legacy stuff to drop before I go too much deeper down the alt rabbit hole.

If you want to feel that big damage power with juggernaught you gotta level up quite a bit and go rage spec for dps. You still end up with decent surviability and you go for force power crits and bonuses to smash and force scream, etc. A powered up smash is one of the highest damage point hitting abilities in the game. It can post very big numbers. A common PVP juggernaught build too. I havn't tried it yet myself as i don't have that many dps pieces yet..i've been all tank so far.

Great run tonight, guys! We managed to down 4/5 bosses in Eternity Vault, gathering up much gear, and a few amusing stories.

Among the highlights:
Downing the first boss with 7 players; we were short a 50 early on in the night, and still managed to take out the giant robot on our second try.

Downing the second and fourth bosses on our first try each!

Ailurian the Sith Juggernaut, signing in. I knew I should of been a BH but the warrior questline is so EPIC!

Ailurian wrote:

Ailurian the Sith Juggernaut, signing in. I knew I should of been a BH but the warrior questline is so EPIC!

Sith Warrior rocks:) Doing my 2nd one already:) level 50 jugg and now up to 15 on marauder:)

Crossposted from this weeks sign up thread....

To all IPP members, it is important if you wish to participate in OPs to let us know as soon as these threads go up, your availability for the Ops. The other important part is that if you sign up, that you are on time, repaired and have any stims/other consumables you may need during the Ops. Or communicate to us if you are going to be late, or unable to make it after. That way we are not wasting everyone's time and get to the lootz quicker!

We would prefer it if you watch videos/familiarize your self with boss fights before the Ops, but we understand everyone is busy and can't always pull themselves away from the game long enough to research;-) If you need help doing dailies quests for gear ups or Daily Hard modes, if I'm available I'll be happy to volunteer to help.

I apologize if this came out harsh, it is not meant to be. I want to see this guild succeed at Ops, hell, I would love to be able to do Ops on Hard Mode and even Nightmare mode down the road!


I dont know if this has been posted yet, but this is a really handy link for solving the EV Pylon fight


I started a second character on Keller's Void last night in hope that I could join the guild, but I couldn't find anyone from the original post in this thread online. Is that list still up to date? What time do people tend to play?

Oh man. No that list is in no way up to date. Fuzz, pm me your officer list.

If you search for "paper" on the /who screen, you should get everybody in the guild. Worst case, folks can ask in guild if anybody has an alt who can invite.

If this thread doesn't get many responses, I'll start a new one.

A few more folks at level cap left the guild to join another guild that raids regularly. I figured I would stick around, since raiding for me is much less of a priority. I would like to see some other people stick around too, so I'd like to know what we can do as a community to keep people together. In other words, what can this guild do to add value to your SWTOR experience. PVP? Regular Flashpoint/Hard Mode runs? Raiding? Casual levelling? Or is the status quo satisfactory?

For my part, I would just like to experience as much of the game as possible, and if that's with guildies, so much the better. What do you guys think?

Virgil - 50 Sith Marauder Melee DPS (GM)
Kaine - 50 Powertech Bounty Hunter Tank

Thanks for letting us know.

I am still playing though most of it has been on my lunch hour. I dont plan on leaving guild. Raiding is not a priority either, it is fun but not neccesary. I am up for anything really though I have seen/done most of it already, but am willing to heal others through any flashpoints or pvp or whatever. Mainly messing around on alts atm.

Medmey - 50
Jerichos - 39
Medofett - 27

Thanks, Medmey. Given the overall lack of response, I think most people feel the same way you do. And me, I'm easy like Sunday morning.

I'm still around leveling a jug and a BH.

No interest in goal-orientated raiding but I am interested in casual pvp and FPs.

IPP, I would like to chat a bit about some options. I am an officer of Gray Council and with the coming legacy patch, I imagine a number of our members would like to make Empire Alts.

We have two options, make a new Empire Guild or populate the IPP. Our GWJ/Server guild has a bunch of members and not all of them are GWJ. We are a mix of merged smaller guilds with a strong GWJ base.

A couple of us would need either Lieutenant or Officer status in order to manage the Gray Council rank and file. We would need invite privileges, possible guild bank access, and officer chat. I would also like to know what your policies are regarding open server recruiting.

I probably won't put anything into action until next week, but would like to make an alt and have the option to invite a couple others. If I could make other Lieutenants to pass out invites while I am not online that would be swell.


For my part I'm fine with inviting any Gray Council guys into IPP. IPP has been fairly well gutted at this point as far as raiders go and now we're mostly just a few people hanging out levelling characters with an occassional comment tossed into guild chat to pass the time. I've got 4 characters in Gray Council and 4 in IPP, only one of which is a lieutenant, so having the same group of guys in both guilds just makes sense to me.

Yar! I figured it would be nice to have IPP and GC working on the same page so we can share each other's alts. Mostly I wanted to make sure there's a home for anyone on both sides that would like to unlock races, experience both story lines, and hang with friendly faces.

Is Big Mclarge still the Guildmaster at IPP?
I am hoping that the IPP GM is still active. GM is the only one that can make Officers and Officers are the only ones that can make Lieutenants. So without a GM, you are the only person who can invite and if you leave then the Guild is forfeit.

I can invite on at least one of my characters as well. I am on usually at times Mon-Fri Noon-1pm and 5pm-9pm Pacific Time.

I've started a Mercencary named 'Bullion' - got him up to lvl 19. I'd love an invite to IPP. Medmey, I'll keep my eye out for you in game.

I've been playing pretty much everynight and am in IPP. I can't invite or anything, but I'm loving the game so far. I just hit 25 last night on my Sniper. Now I'm in save 15K credits to buy a vroom vroom ride mode. I haven't tried any flashpoints yet. If I'm on and anyone wants to try one let me know I might be up for it! My characters in IPP are Moans (Sniper 25) and Moanne (hunter 20). Oddly I bought the game to play as a sith but really didn't enjoy either sith class when I tried them. Might get better after level 10 though so I don't really know.

I initially expected to like the Republic side far more but after having played all of the classes on both sides I'm finding myself spending more time on the Imperial side simply because the stories interest me more. So far the only storyline that's really bored me (at least up to level 28) was the Jedi Consular. Of course I think my problem with that line is that at least to Tattooine I've only gotten 2 companions and of those I felt pretty neutral about one and actively loathed the other while the story itself has been fairly rinse & repeat in regard to plot points. Hopefully that changes soon because otherwise I've enjoyed seeing where Bioware goes with all of the stories.

Which is your favorite Imperial Story?

I am thinking the Equiv of a smuggler for Empire. I heard the Warrior and Imperial Agent are the best.

On Republic I have a Consular and Knight and I liked the Knight story way better than Consular.

SO far the imperial Agent story has been really good. I'm on Nar Shadaa (Spelling?) and its been good so far as well.

On the Imperial side I've finished the BH story, gotten to level 40 on the warrior, 24 or so on the agent and 22 on the inquisitor.

I enjoyed the BH story though it got a little repetetive in parts and was fairly straight forward.
I'm really enjoying the warrior story and I plan to finish that one out next. Some of the cutscenes are just great because they really make you feel like a bad son of a sith. It also seems to be ramping up nicely though the story obviously cuts some corners for the sake of speed in parts.
The agent I've enjoyed so far but I don't feel like his story has really kicked in yet. I still get a chuckle out of cutscenes where I'm supposed to be deep undercover as a rebel or somesuch and I'm standing there as a Chiss in a full Imperial military uniform.
I feel like the inquisitor storyline has a lot of potential that's just started showing itself in the early levels and I'll be interested to see where that goes.

And yeah, I've been trying to avoid spoilers like crazy so I honestly don't know where these class quests are going.

Kehama what's your in-game handle if we are looking for invites? Thanks.

The only character I have that can do invites is Septimius

Are any of you guys still interested in doing the leveling groups? I had always wanted to participate, but one thing or another seemed to get in the way of the scheduled times when it was rolling along. I was just starting a new IA and was curious if there was anyone else starting a new character that might be into grouping up.

I'm interesting in joining the guild. However I have yet to get the game. When I do, may you please send an invite to Ardeth or Scipii? Thanks