Gauging interest in Boston/Metrowest meetup

Hello and good morning to you all! I've been a mostly-lurking member of GWJ for awhile, but you may know my husband, Polypusher.

We've been in MA long enough to buy a house, but we haven't been terribly successful at finding people to play games with. A few years back, we went to a GWJ party in Austin, TX and thought that might be a fun thing to try up here.

Right now I'm just gauging interest. If we can, we'd love to host people at the house, but if not I'll find us another venue.

I'm thinking games and food and drinks of whatever type you all want. We've got an X-Box 360 and lots of board/card games. Husband plays warmans (Warmachine) too so that's on the table (GET IT!?!)

If someone already hosts things like this, please forgive me (and link me to the thread!), but I didn't find anything non PAXEast-related since 2011.....

There was this thread, but it was a bunch of people saying they would like to do something... then nothing. (Myself included).

I keep telling myself that I want to rent a projector and some big speakers and have an outdoor Rock Band concert, but then I realize that I can't really pull that off - my place just isn't big enough to make that even close to reality. If you want to steal my idea, I can bring the Rock Band Stage Kit - strobe light and fog machine - to really set the mood.

That sounds fun! We've got a projector in our basement, but that's not exactly an outdoor concert. Judging by the lack of response so far I'm not sure we'd have enough people for an outdoor concert anyway!

The only park I'm really familiar with is in Northborough, but it's big and has a covered area where we could probably set something up.

Edit: Gonna move to the other thread....