GWJ BCS League (360) Pre-Season (League Deadline: 4/24/12 @ 11:59pm ET)

Oh...and I Should have my recruiting done tonight.


Looks like Shag and Bonney are left for Week 4

Kush15 wrote:

Looks like Shag and Bonney are left for Week 4

I am now done!

And then there was 1..................

GTTV gives a glimpse of NCAA13 gameplay. (Skip to ~12:55.)

Supposedly in the package:

*No more psychic DB's, DB's have to see the ball, before they can make a play on the ball
*25 different pass trajectory zones (Drop it over LB's, lead your receiver using left stick)
*20+ new dropbacks, including new screen play dropbacks
*New rollout passing animations, will still be difficult to complete passes throwing against your body, as you will not have enough arm strength
*Passing icons are dimmed out after the snap until the receiver is "ready" to make a catch

The last one is interesting: a deep route may not have the receiver looking for the ball until the receiver is part way downfield. No throwing to them unless they're looking for it.

We'll see...

That is kind of stupid since most Qb's just lob it up and the receiver just hauls ass to it. Ah well.

I like the sound of no more psychic DBs

Bonney, let me know if you're done with recruiting. You have 2 hours and 40 mins left, I don't want to roll forward if you're not done. Everyone else is set to ready.

I am done. Sorry should of let you know sooner.

Rolling now. Tuesday at noon is your deadline.

UGA is finished.

ND is done. It won't appear green until tonight.

Grabbed a 4* WR instant commit. I continue to have troubles convincing D-linemen to join. Glad to see PSU kept a 5* DT from Michigan!

I am done. Ready to move one to position changes.


I will recruit tonight

ZellbrigeN26 wrote:

I will recruit tonight

We're waiting on you and Willhouse, FYI.

Mine will be done tonight


Im ready in the BCS league

Changes done and ready

willhouse4078 wrote:

Changes done and ready

Same here!


Wait, what stage are we at? Crap. I missed the fact that we'd rolled to position changes. I'll get mine in tonight.

Here's hoping we can roll to cutting players tomorrow since I'm gone Wednesday through Friday late.

give me the rest of the night...I will change positions before I head to bed

It looks like we are down to Kush and Bonney before we get to cut people.

Is this a prison league?

that it right to practice my stabbing.

and then there was one. I wonder who that could be?

shag26 wrote:

and then there was one. I wonder who that could be?

You will wait for me and LIKE it Shag. Firesloth, we'll wait for you for cutting players, unless you're at 70 or below.

I'll be back Friday night. I should be able to cut then.