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No editing. No backspace. No regrets.

We don't believe in delete buttons, son. On this forum, you live with your mistakes.

Archangel wrote:

No editing. No backspace. Nothing but regrets.

Fixed for most of us.

BushPilot wrote:

Where is the button that takes back a post so none sea it?!

It's the one that says "Post". Not a very intuitive UI, but it works.

How after two weeks of bottle rockets did five beers get me drunk? HOW I ASK YOU?

I guess thenet alcohol content wasn't sufficient tfor me to fdevelop a dtolerance/resistance.

Funny how I'm typing that first letter of the work I'm thinking of but then changing me mindl. Now me insteand of my? I sound cockney! And the d at the start of the oword make me think of calculus and rates of change. Clearly I'm not drunk enough if I can think about calculus. BUT FIVE BEERS, REALLY?

I'm just glad be be free of the alcohol in the housel Goign on avacay in two weeks, there will be plent of booze to drink there and more shalalm baskcur to be had. I just have to block all th stupid P&C threads from eh reecet activity feed on my laptop.

Ther will be more to say next week, sober or not. Just take my word for it. The updcoming week has a lot of events attached to it. Take my word for it.

Whoop ! I found the thread. Need to favorite again. This weekend is one, under ideal circumstance, that I would Beja f'ing with cesarano. Wife work schedule make it. Or so.

But it is for the bast. Tonight I drank away X horrid horrible ear infection pain. But I a
Really drank. Like really!

It's great. Three day weekends for the win.

I am so thankful for this forum and al here. And for my wife. We had a fun night. Glad that drink helped me get beyond the Burt. Hurt. I need to learn my lesson and go to doctors as soon as I recognize something is off. Waited too long and now am suffering the repercussion.

Anyway. Love TL all!! Happiness!! Shalam Baskur!!!!!!!!!

Zoso you're the bestest.

I wish I had something worthwhile to say. I'm drunk and full of food which means I'm about to enter hibernation mode. I watched Seven Samurai for the first time and man, old Black and White movies just feel like they're shot better than modern movies. It's probably because the lack of color means it's easier to focus on certain subjects and focuses and other cinematography blah. But man, Seven Samurai is good and I should buy it.

I'm typing way too coherently for this thread.

bnpederson wrote:

That's the best possible series of posts for this thread. Just perfect.

I'm not quoting in case BushPilot decides to actually edit them once they're sober enough to hit the edit icon.

No risk of that - I didn't even notice (remember?) them until the thread got a bump several weeks later. Let this be a lesson to you people: stay on top of the forums, even when you're on vacation! Also, I don't know what the heck I was going on about for some of that. Watching the as Jones??

ccesarano wrote:

I'm typing way too coherently for this thread.


Why didn't I favorite this sooner?

PSA: Cheez-Its are such a f*cking wonderful drunk food. Like, I made sure not to fill this entire rice bowl because that'd be a lot, but that might not be enough.

God made man. God made fermented beverages that got man drunk. God then granted man the ability to devour animal and bread products that would be so satisfying to the drunken palette. I thik it's palette. Other pallate? One of those or one of pallasetsdfasdfljasd;fl means wooden slab and the other means roof of your mouth/taste or the art board thingy with the different paints.


Anyway, I thikn God wanted man to be fat.

Anyway. I feel like sh*t because despite my testing, the stream for the gGWJ community knight (why do I keep typing knight what the f*ck) was all borked like the Swedish Chef's vocabulary and I dunno why. Is it cuz my roommate wa s also gaming? Myf cuking oblivious roommate that's like a child with no comprehension to the knowledge that sounds travel and thus isnt being all that sneaky when they try and misbehave? He's so f*cking oblivious and he doesn't even know how to clean. He f*cking rinses dishes, not washes them, which explains why so many still have f*cking grease on 'em. I gotta have a talk with this f*cking boy. Anyway, on topic, the stream was bork bork bork borked. I have theories, so we'll see why. I'll test on my PC and see if it gets pbetter perofmrnace than my laptop.

But still I feel like some serious amatuer ahour.

But y'know what? Great time chatting with Shop and Demy ax and Tomayto on f*ckin' Curse. I kept going to their parties ant PAX East and didn't even know what they did. Now I know!

I feel like I had something earealy to say but when I do I embarrass myself. So instead I'll just say tip your waiters and waitresses because they control the fate of what is in your food. Or what else is in your food. Becuase, y'know, kitchen.

Which reminds, wathc Chef and consider it an allgory for watorking in the Hollywood system.

Fukc. Am I drunk or just tired? Or both? f*ck f*ck f*ck.


Captain Domano may be in Germany drinking a)llllllllllllllllllll the good beer, but this beer at home is mine. Although I guess its like 5 am there so he-s probably sleeping. I think he's perhaps really the Lebron James of sleeping, not drinking. sh*t, I need to go to sleep! Tomorrow will have allllllllll of the regrets. I should just stay up. I could get crazy and finish my book...........

Lol. This needs shown to carrot post haste.

This also needs a response from Domano. Just for the laughs.


That is my favorite post on the Citadel.

Surprisingly felt fine this morning! Wooooo rally tonight

So, uhh. LOL That's a thing right there, huh? Was not expecting a disco post in here.

CptDomano wrote:

So, uhh. LOL That's a thing right there, huh? Was not expecting a disco post in here.

I stayed up until midnight too. Things are craaaaaaaazy when you go out of town. (I am still on the 12-pack I bought on Saturday).

It took me a few years, but I found this thread!

Yup Yy=p

Ok. I have been drinking.

First of all, I want this preserved:

sometimesdee wrote:

Wood or nothing!

It's from the loathe thread.

Secondly, I am trying my very best to right clock and correct things in this post. Going ok so far. Heh, I meant to write doing. Anyway.

Had our first junior soccer day today for my girls. 3 and 4 year olds. One of those teams is very well organized, those other.... well. Look, the same league does t-ball in the Spring and I've been saving myself for that but one of the coaches can't even get the entire team next to him for a meeting. Seriously there's 10 kids on the team and he's giving a meeting with 6 kids. 4 are just milling around.

I don't want to coach soccer. Gods, do I not want to coach but come on. There's a bar for junior soccer, I tripped over it. Kick the ball in one direction. Talk to all your kids at once.

adulthood sucks. Pay me to correct people, that's fine. I don't really want to make someone better for free.


I'll be a soccer coach in 2 weeks. Bet you anything. I wish there were 3-4 year old hockey. I'd coach the sh*t out of that.

Don't worry oily you're not supposed to corect your typos here. Though somtimes my typose are because my keyboard doesn't seem to register the f*ckin' pressure of my finger pad. But that's only the case in "correct" above. Not "sometimes" or "typos". Those are just f*ckin' alcohol talking.

I've been introspect ive lately. I feel like I want to discuss it, But I feel like it's also bullsh*t. And I feel like no one wants to hear baout it. Which leand stothe no one cares mentality. Wait that doesn't make sense f*ck. Drunk and sleepy is a tierrible combo.

Power metal is a wonderful combo.

Orden Ogan rock.s. Anyway, just wanna say I'm sick of now wantin g a label but finding myself in one anyway, be it junior, or weird ESP kid, or balskdjfals;kdff*ck Im thinking of Mob Pyscho 100 while writing this what the f*ck. I don't have ESP. I dont believe in it. But f*ck man here I am like "blah blah" f*ck.


Point is metal is great, Metroid Prime Fedar Fornce ain't bad, so... stauff.

Alright bed time. Hope I don't regret this in the morning. Can it be deleted forecer? Do was have the tech forthat?


ccesarano wrote:

Point is metal is great, Metroid Prime Fedar Fornce ain't bad, so... stauff.

That part is my favorite!

Jesus f*cking Christ that looks like what my cousin writes on Facebook when he's drunk.

Where do I go when I've had drinks?? RIGHT HERE. I am on my couch.

Love you, GWJ!

my wife and I are celebrating some good news - been a high stress couple of weeks. Gotta work tomorrow but who cares.

We took off Thursday for daughter's Halloween parade at preschool. That's gonna be cute.

There is soooo much beer in Colorado. If it isn't at work (during hte day!) it's every night for dinner and then some. My company's office here literally has a kegerator thing ee where they have four tapped mini kegs rightthere in the office. Every sinele afternoon they all meet in the kithcne and have soem. I have had more beer in the past oh crap I just used backspace, sorry I have probably had more eer in the past several sayd as I've had all year (i hadrly every drink (obviously))).

You know whet alse they have in Colorado? Stars! Just sitting there, up in the sky. It's the darnedst thing. I can see the milky way and everything. Also, rabbits, and grass on the ground. It's a whooole lot different from back home in Los Angelese, I can tell you that much. Everythin'gs not made of concrete!

Tonight was a super late work night and we cad all Colorado beets god dammit it's hard to type on this little apptop p keyboard and so it's late and I'm tired and that's totally fine. Except I can't reall see the screen too well and you get the geneal idea. Ut teh restaurant had like 40 very excellemtn beers on tap and thatmakes me a vaery happy person. Mostly microbrews since that's the only beer work talkig about. Not really byt sorta mostly and you know what i mean. Right? Right.

Archangel wrote:

You know whet alse they have in Colorado? Stars!

Funny, that was nowhere near my first guess about what alse they have in Colorado.

OK. This might be weird. I've decided to post my booze activities here. Not to brag. But to stay in control. OK. I've modified my Saturday night plans to include Friday night. So, I'm beering. So far, so not over my personal limit. I'll keep ya posted.

Hrdina wrote:
Archangel wrote:

You know whet alse they have in Colorado? Stars!

Funny, that was nowhere near my first guess about what alse they have in Colorado.

We're well known for beer, stars, and weed.

Dang. Strong beer makes me sleepy. I'm still adding resumes to the internet but I'm sleepy after some consumption of Faxe beer, rated at 10% alcohol.

How can I combat this sleepiness.