Games Soundtrack Appreciation / Discussion Thread

Douglas Holmquist - PinOut Soundtrack

Fun time-waster mobile game with an excellent synthwave soundtrack.

Glad I saw this in my list, there are no Celeste links and that must be fixed.

The Celeste soundtrack is amazing.

In fact, I just looked at my Spotify year in review. Mick Gordon's DOOM (2016) took top spot on my most listened to albums, but Celeste was only slightly below it. Absolutely in love that soundtrack.

If you're in the mood for something a little different, there's a jazzy chill remix album called Presciption for Sleep. Highly recommended.

Pilot Wings 64 has one of my favourite soundtracks, it's a shame there's not more like this on OCRemix!

It's a shame this seems like a largely dead thread, but I needed to share some of the tracks from Yakuza 0. This game's got a lot of tracks that are just right up my alley.

Nice to see a video about Koji Kondo.

Resurrecting this thread because I rediscovered how awesome the Tribes 2 soundtrack was

Can't believe I had to go back 15 pages to find this threat that should always be at the forefront...

Anyway, the Tetris Effect soundtrack is finally available!

Had it going at breakfast with the kids. Still not paying $30 for Tetris, but the noises it makes are good.

Rezzy wrote:

Had it going at breakfast with the kids. Still not paying $30 for Tetris, but the noises it makes are good.

It's what I paid for the game, and it was worth every penny.

You're probably aware of this but OMG this is so impressive and hilarious

Arise dead thread, for I need people to know that Death's Door may be in the running for best soundtrack of the year.

I've been listening to this "Video Game Soundtracks" playlist on Spotify for the past couple of weeks, and while there are some obvious picks to be found in there, I kinda wanted to call out one song in particular:

Such a beautiful composition and orchestral execution, and I never would have guessed what game it came from.

Good song choice for sure. I just heard it in the credits, because I've been playing Far Cry 3 for most of the month, coincidentally.

Best song in a game right here.