Games Soundtrack Appreciation / Discussion Thread

Been digging some recent soundtracks of late. As someone who purchases maybe one every couple/few years, I've already got two from 2016 that I absolutely love. Both are pretty ambient.

Full playlist.

If you've got good speakers/headphones, the low-end bass in Alpaca is AMAZING.

Full playlist.

The Birth of a Star is one of my faves from this set. Clocking in at 11 min., it does take a sec to ramp up. But falling into it makes me feel like I'm immersed in a modern-day Blade Runner soundscape.

The Birth of a Star is so good. Even better when I'm listening and not playing the game.

The entire soundtrack is great though, let's be clear on that.

An oldie but goody. Really makes me want to replay the game every time I start listening. Well... maybe on Easy so I don't rage on it like I did back when it first came out.

I feel like it's worth pointing out that the Prey for the Gods kickstarter includes the soundtrack as a digital bonus for certain backer levels. The music is composed by Ian Dorsch, who I only learned today was GWJer Podunk.

And it seems like their Live Orchestra stretch goal was reached, so additional incentive!

Songbird wrote:

Ccesarano, that is interesting about Magfest. Kind of at an awkward time, though; right after the winter holiday breaks.

Yeah, I was hoping when they had it in February this year it would mark a more permanent change, but it's right back to its usual week-after-New-Years time-frame. Which for the years I went it wasn't much a problem, but I know a lot of folks have to juggle PTO and family visits and such. My initial plan to take the week between Christmas and New Years has been obliterated (not that I'm sure they'd permit it anyway), but honestly, I'm willing to work (most of) that week for MAGFest. It's always a wonderful time. Last time I went I got to discover a few new bands, hang out with College friends, and drink with people I'd never met before. One of my favorite memories was being drunk on whiskey and playing the Famicom version of Slaughterhouse on my College friend's actual Famicom system. I'm hoping to get some GWJers from the area together for a slap-and-tickle in town, at the very least, since I know Zoso1701 and MrTomaytoHead are at the very least in the area (in fact, I know for a fact Zoso is very close as I passed National Harbor on my way to visit him ).

So I'm waiting for August 10th to roll around and first thing I'll do that morning is snag a hotel room and pre-register. I'd like to submit panel ideas, but have no clue what topic I'd do. I have ideas, but dunno what people would want to hear.

All that said, while naturally I'd love to champion for everyone to go, I'm also lucky enough to be 2.5-3 hours away. The furthest I've traveled is 6 hours to Boston by train for PAX East, and that alone was expensive.

Which reminds me: Shop, don't suppose I could somehow try to strongarm you and Demyx into going to MAGFest instead of PAX East, can I? ;P

Maclintok: I don't think I would have guessed that to be a soundtrack for Doom if I had not been told. Surprisingly nice at atmosphere building at parts.

Edwin: Seems like a very calming soundtrack overall.

Amoebic: I rather like NERM and Prelude from that OST

Ccesarano: The battle song sounds pretty fun. Having never heard of the game the music video part sounds a bit confusing? I'm not much of one for jpop either but I can see how an rpg could turn something like that into an ear worm

Aaron D: Birth of a Star is very pretty and I quite like Rough Trail from Rim World. That kind of twangy guitar isn't too common for me to hear from ambient soundtracks like that.

Echoes of Eternia
Boss theme
I couldn't figure out why this sounded familiar, but then I realized that it had similar sound cues as Zant's theme from Zelda: Twilight Princess

Old Puppet

Shaman Dance: Tripudium Bruji

Beat Fire Emblem Fates' third campaign tonight, and I'm gonna admit that my favorite entry in the soundtrack is this "battle" version of Azura's song (translated in America as Lost in Thoughts All Alone).

Gonna have to confess, though, that every time they broke out the song itself I was reminded of Macross Plus and now I just want to rewatch it... again...

Posting again because there's a few tracks I've really been digging.

Primarily, Hydro Station from AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) is a very Prime-esque cover of a Super Metroid track that's just phenomenal. Honestly, I thought it was a remix of a Prime track at first until I realized it was from Brinstar in Super Metroid.

I also began Wild Arms 3 on my PS4, originally a PS2 title. I'm enjoying some of its soundtrack as well, as I don't often hear a sort of Epic Western theme in games much.

Still just makes me think of the first game's soundtrack, though.

The Wild Arms games had some nice soundtracks and I remember the ones I played as pretty fun. Hope you enjoy it

Never heard of that Metroid fan project but it sounds pretty cool in both soundtrack and concept.

Granblue Fantasy
Various battle themes. My favorite is the first which is apparently Tiamat's

Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger

After posting this in the TLDP thread today for Wolfenstein: The New Order, I realized it's never been posted here:

Neumond Recordings

It's a full album of songs that popular radio might be playing in 1960 if the Nazis had won. Many of them are disturbingly catchy.

This version of House of the Rising Sun may be familiar from the TNO trailer, but the other tracks cover a lot of different ground.

haha It actually is a take on House of the Rising Sun. That's a pretty fun concept for a soundtrack

Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse Bouche
Radical Galaxy
by Jake Kaufman

Tap my Katamari
Katamari on the Swing
Not much different from the original, but I like the singer

Super Hexagon
by Chipzel
Overlaid with Bad Apple from Touhou

Okay, so playin' Mario Kart 8 tonight Shop was all "I haven't played DKC 2" and Demyx and I were like "Whaaaaaat?" (well, I was like that. Demyx was more exasperated) so being that the soundtrack is one of the reasons it is the best in the series I have chosen to just vomit excellent song choices into the thread.

LISTEN, SHOP, TO ONE OF THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS ON THE SNES! (and partial proof that the composer was a fan of Genesis, because that swamp tune, bro...)


This is the song I mentioned that if I were magic I'd cover in the style of KMFDM


Seriously man, one of the best SNES soundtracks to be produced. They really ought to do one of them symphonic tours, but instead of all DKC games just this one because it's the bestest.

Good stuff! Demyx probably sounded exasperated because she still can't believe I haven't played that game yet

I can't speak on the game (only played the first) but the series does seem to have surprisingly good music.

The jazz tribute to Chrono Trigger prompted me to share these mashups:
Chrono Jigga, Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger

The 3-6 Chambers, Wu-Tang and Final Fantasy VI

Disappointingly, Chrono Jigga is the vastly superior of the two, because it features no spoken word interludes from the producer wherein he explains what he's doing or talks about he and the Clan traversing the world. "REC the Opera" is great, though.

SpacePPoliceman wrote:

The 3-6 Chambers, Wu-Tang and Final Fantasy VI

My brother, my buddy and I just spoke about this the other day and looked up some of the songs. Some of 'em are really well done. It helps that I finally started getting into Wu Tang this year.

shoptroll wrote:

Good stuff! Demyx probably sounded exasperated because she still can't believe I haven't played that game yet :)

Songbird wrote:

I can't speak on the game (only played the first) but the series does seem to have surprisingly good music.

How many blasphemers do we have on this spaceship forum?

All seriousness, swapping Donkey Kong out for Dixie really does make for a better game. Her helicopter hair is nothin' to be trifled with, and allows for some superior level design (aside from experience learned in general). Theoretically mashing up Donkey Kong's powers with Dixie's would make for the superior game, but I was never able to get into DKC3. Perhaps because I merely rented it, but that rental was enough for me to decide I was fine not buying it.

Perhaps it was made by a B team while the A team moved on to the N64, considering the timing of the release?

shoptroll wrote:

Good stuff! Demyx probably sounded exasperated because she still can't believe I haven't played that game yet :)

It's the best one!

SpacePPoliceman wrote:

Disappointingly, Chrono Jigga is the vastly superior of the two, because it features no spoken word interludes from the producer wherein he explains what he's doing or talks about he and the Clan traversing the world.

CJ includes one in the first half, and then I noticed "Gato's In Love", so I'll get back to the rest of the album after this track.

Saw Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tonight.

I dug it, but if I'm gonna be awesome, I liked Distant Worlds better.

The biggest issue I have with Zelda Symphony is that most of it focuses on medleys, and within those medleys you will hear repetition of the original Zelda Overworld theme, the Zelda theme itself (as begun in Link to the Past and codified in Ocarina of Time), and even the Temple of Time. Two tunes I would have loved to hear tonight would have been Song of Storms and the Link to the Past Lost Woods theme, and considering how often I heard Zelda's theme it was a bit irritating, even.

Granted, a lot of the Medleys were nice. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were good ones especially, but it might also help that I played them both recently.

Either way, I plan on going again, but Distant Worlds has a better representation of the games and the tracks. I liked that one a lot more.

Of course, I was also drunk during Distant Worlds. I was sober during Zelda. That could contribute.

Glad that it was fun nonetheless, Ccesarano.

Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo 2.

Something to Protect
I think this is currently my definitive version of this song

Mambo de Chocobo

I'm rather fond of these reworking of the Metroid music.

Sorry if I'm re-posting.

A podcast I've been listening to introduced me to a fellow named Huskybythegeek, who has done a pretty good cover of the FF9 battle theme.

Got a bunch of other stuff too.

And I know it's not video games, but...

Sorry for the double post, but I ended up adding a bunch of OST's to my Prime music library on Amazon and have just been listening to enough stuff that I figured I'd share some.

Well, the OST I've actually been listening to most is the Destiny soundtrack. It's always a sort of experience of discovery, as I also had the Halo 1 and 2 soundtracks when I was in high school and College and quite often you'd hear individual songs sort of split up or they'd have a flow tied specifically to your actions in game. You can hear it a bit in some of the songs within Destiny's soundtrack, as many of them repeat a lot of motifs but add slight variation to match, say, different stages of a battle.

What I noticed most, perhaps, is that The Taken King's soundtrack has a lot of similar styles and feel to the vanilla Destiny soundtrack, but Marty O'Donnell has a specific sort of taste for percussion that carried from Halo. Aside from hearing it in Halo's main theme, the tune that always comes to mind first for me is Covenant Dance.

While there isn't exactly anything distinctly so percussion heavy, you do certainly get tunes with that very style. It just seemed like a Marty O'Donnell signature to me, and it feels lacking in Taken King's soundtrack.

But, that said, Rise of Iron has introduced the best track in the game with a hard rock remix of Sepiks Prime.

In the video game cover front, the same podcast that introduced me to Huskybythegeek also introduced me to Tetriminos, whom I missed the opportunity to hear at TooManyGames this year, it seems.

I know ya'll have seen my raving about this game elsewhere, but I'm going to keep doing so. This is my favorite soundtrack of this year's games so far:

Edit: You can buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp. That YouTube version isn't legit from what I can tell.

My favorite piece is Such Perfect Peace which I believe you could completely miss if you don't do a bit of exploring and backtracking before the final boss battle.

I like it better than the Banner Saga 2 and ABZÛ soundtracks. What remains to be seen is if FF XV or The Last Guardian can top it. It's surprising how good the soundtrack is for what I'm guessing was a small budget. In the credits, there are about 6 players listed (violin, viola, cello, bass, etc.). So, I think the composer, Jonathan Greer did some really amazing trickery with mixing and layering live tracks with synth tracks.

I should not that I didn't really like the soundtrack all that much from the get go. It just seemed fine. My feelings on it changed a couple hours into the game, though. The music really begs to be listened to repeatedly which, in my book, is the best kind of music and somewhat rare.

I figured out Such Perfect Peace on piano pretty well, although I think I have a couple left hand chords wrong here and there. Figuring out stuff by ear apart from melodies is really difficult for me. Going to keep working on it because it's really fun and relaxing to play. I emailed the composer asking if he has plans to release any sheet music for the song, and he said he may release a songbook of sorts or just individual pieces at some point.

Wow. That's lovely stuff!

I checked his bandcamp page, and the other thing I know this composer from is Cook Serve Delicious, which also had really nice upbeat tunes.

This thread has only just popped up for me, by coincidence I've just started listening to Sound of Play game music podcast from the Cane and Rinse folk, they're up to 67 episodes so plenty there that might be of interest to some.

(Soz if already been linked)

Bubblefuzz wrote:

This thread has only just popped up for me, by coincidence I've just started listening to Sound of Play game music podcast from the Cane and Rinse folk, they're up to 67 episodes so plenty there that might be of interest to some.

(Soz if already been linked)

Oooh definitely gonna subscribe to this. Thanks for the share!

No worries. Have now gone back to the podcast beginnings. The final 7 mins of first episode hit my nostalgia button for sure...


Been listening to a bit more whilst catching up on some work today...

A couple highlights...

This game / soundtrack did make me smile...

...and considering what they had to work with I kinda liked this, Crazy Comets on the C64...

I haven't played the video game but the RWBY soundtrack is pretty good. Probably based off the anime.

This much 80s influence isn't typically my tastes, but I think there are some nice songs to be heard here
Wisdom of Rage
Somewhat off topic, but if you like this type of sound I would highly suggest the soundtrack to the film Drive.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Mysdia (Halloween version)
I should have posted that in time for Halloween, oops.

I recently ran across this group on youtube. Still poking through their videos, but they really should have some more views
In a Moment's Time

Final Fantasy VIII
Fisherman's Horizon

I have to sit down and listen through the Owlboy soundtrack in the future