Games Soundtrack Appreciation / Discussion Thread

Dungeon Medley from Final Fantasy Brass

Arrangements by the Youtube group Tetrimino are a nice listen

Lamprey from Rogue Legacy

DK Island Swing

And from the more chiptunes side of things
Epic from Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

How's the Pillars of Eternity soundtrack?

Because I will never stop gushing about this game in various threads, here's the Undertale OST.

Some specific favorite cuts:
Another Medium
Death by Glamour

and of course the most triumphant music

Bird That Carries You Over a Disproportionately Small Gap

jonnypolite wrote:

How's the Pillars of Eternity soundtrack?

Not bad; very reminiscent of Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2.

I've been playing Crypt of the Necrodancer and I am just loving the soundtrack. Absolutely brilliant and a definite recommend.

jonnypolite wrote:

How's the Pillars of Eternity soundtrack?

I found it very "meh". Doesn't help that despite paying the extra bucks in the KS for the OST, we just got a bunch of untagged, unsorted tracks.

Justin Bell updated the soundtrack with proper tagging a few days after release, so that's something at least.

Ah, that's good. That's the first thing I downloaded and having a jumble of tracks that looked like something ripped from the game engine was disappointing.

Been looking back at some older tracks. While I remain convinced that the people from Sonic Team were the only ones who had complete mastery of the Genesis'/Mega Drive's sound chip, there are cases where others got close.

Thunder Force IV - Metal Squad

The Ooze - Stage 3-A/B

The Adventures of Batman & Robin - Ending

Kid Chameleon - Options/City Area
(Sonic Team helped make it, but it wasn't the only development studio on board)

Mega Turrican - Stage 1-1

I've been meaning to pop back here and add some Undertale and Crypt of the Necrodancer, but it seems some fellow souls with excellent taste have already hit those points. I would like to do a quick call out to 'Deep Blues' from Crypt in particular as a great song.

Crypt of the Necrodancer by Danny Baranowsky
A_Rival remixes
Aria's Ascent remixes

Undertale by Toby Fox

Tossing in some of my favorite youtube remixes/covers that I have run across. Some of these people have patreon information on their channels as well

Just going to pick one of these, but this is the voice of the shopkeeper
Wight to Remain 4-3

Please beware the Undertale songs as the images in the video and comments may have spoilers.

Death by Glamour from Undertale

Ghost Battle from Undertale

Megalovania Metal

Been playing a lot of 80 Days, absolutely love the intro theme.

The Brigador Soundtrack is awesome and keeps bringing me back to the game.

I recommend starting with the Trailer Theme despite it not being the first track that wants to play. It sets the tone

Thin_J wrote:

The Brigador Soundtrack is awesome and keeps bringing me back to the game.

Well that's certainly going in the ol' Cyberpunk/Synthwave playlist

Yearnings of the Wind from Chrono Trigger
More SQ album

Last Battle (Lyrics version)

Into the Wilderness
Wild ARMs

Limitless Cinderella
Senko no Ronde (Wartech)

You can get Tomáš Dvořák's pre-release Samorost 3 EP for free (name your price) off bandcamp. I've been a huge fan of Tomáš Dvořák/Floex ever since the Machinarium soundtrack. While the EP doesn't have the exact music from Samorost 3, it does have a bunch of great remixes using one of the songs.

Here's the Samorost 3 trailer with music from the game. So excited for the game and the soundtrack!

Awesome! Very excited for Samorost 3. Will take a look at that EP and throw them a few bucks

Sometimes I don't know how much I like a soundtrack because of the music itself or because of its connection to its game. This soundtrack really struck me when I started Grid Autosport, but then I really love the game too.

I was looking at Kotaku this morning and saw this blurb about the Legend of Heroes music. I really like this piece.

Looking forward to eventually getting to Trails of Cold Steel and Trails in the Sky eventually. It's high up on my JRPG list. Probably get to it after I finish grinding through Bravely Default.

Thank you for the link, Tuffalo. I am in the same camp of being a fan of Machinarium / Floex, so I will be curious to see what this new soundtrack is like.

That seems like a nice sountrack, Gravey. Personally, the songs might be a little too strongly cohesive for me to listen to straight, but still interesting.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Final Ex theme

What's Yours Is Mine - They Never See Me Coming

Awwww yisss

I mostly listen to indie soundtracks because it's usually the chiptune type sound that I dig so much. That being said here's a few songs that just get stuck in my head on a regular basis, I know some of them may have been shared over the past 17 pages but hopefully not recently.

VVVVVV - Passion for Exploring

Streets of Rage Intro

Red Dead Redemption - Far Away - Jose Gonzales

Bastion - Setting Sail, Coming Home

Disasterpeace - Jump Error

Starsailor - Way to Fall - Metal Gear Solid 3

Super Meat Boy - Forest Funk Retro

Final Fantasy X - Jecht Battle

F-Zero - Big Blue

Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily's Castle

Okay I had to change them to links instead of imbeds. I didn't want to break the page. That was a fun trip down memory lane, maybe I got a little carried away.

I know a few of these are just songs produced outside by a recording artists and was just included in with the game but I assumed if they were on the actual OST then it was cool.

Nice links, b12n11w00t. Red Dead Redemption in particular is something I haven't really listened to yet. Triggernometry sounded interesting, though I can't imagine in what instance it might play.

Tower of Heaven
Indignant Divinity

Risk of Rain

Breath of Fire V
The Middle Layer

Fantasy General!

Especially at 27:28.

b12n11w00t wrote:

Streets of Rage Intro

I was a Genesis kid and this was one of my favorite games of all time, mainly because of the soundtrack. I used to sit and just play the OST for hours at the menu.

For other fans, here's Koshiro's remix of the whole OST:

A lot of great choices already made. How about some Tower Defense love. I actually think these 2 tracks below could almost be stand alone music by themselves.

Jelly Defense is a cartoony, quirky fun little game with a great alternative/electronica soundtrack

Radiant Defense is a pretty good Tower Defense title with a kind of pulsingly hypnotic electronic soundtrack. I like the part from 1:40 on

Those are pretty nice, Rook. Is the spoken portion in the Jelly game a language? Or is it gibberish?

To build on idea of spoken noise. I probably find this way too amusing
Secret Area
BattleBlock Theater

Moon over Castle
Gran Turismo 4 version

I really like the change in mood done in this arrangement
To Zanarkand
Final Fantasy X
Altered Beasts

Songbird wrote:

Nice links, b12n11w00t. Red Dead Redemption in particular is something I haven't really listened to yet. Triggernometry sounded interesting, though I can't imagine in what instance it might play.

I think triggernometry might actually be used for the end section of the game, but it's been so long I can't remember exactly. Normally I like music in Rockstar games because it's just commercial music, and while the Jose Gonzales stuff is just that, it was used in such a way that just left me in awe. By far one of the best moments in my gaming life. On par with the emotional reaction I had to the music in the ending sequence of Bastion.

Nice music btw, that Tower of Heaven stuff is awesome and I love Risk of Rain.

Thought of a few more to add.

Plants vs Zombies - Ultimate Battle

Patapon - Bibiricchi Theme (This game was all about using music to fight, it was amazing)

Destiny - Cabal Stomp

Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game - Rock Show - Anamanaguchi

Axiom Verge - Inexorable (Really creepy track, gave me a chill the first time I heard it)

This seemed like an article relevant to this thread:
Where did the Fun Street Fighter Music Go?

Towards the end it brought up one curious point: the idea of people putting on headphones and listening to their own music while gaming. It brought to memory when I was doing a column for GameKrib (HA! What a time... ugh...) when all these high school kids had threads like "What music do you listen to while gaming?" I wonder if it seems so foreign to me because there seems to be this subculture around soundtracks for console games, but rarely do I hear people discuss PC gaming soundtracks the same way. I think only Doom has gotten the same reverence, though the music in MoO2 is memorable to me as well, despite being more atmospheric.

An interesting topic to look into, I think.

Guys, guys, this game called 3030 Deathwar Redux just came out, and while the game itself is awesome, it has amazing music. It's trying to hit an 80s aesthetic, and with songs like this, it nails it.

whispa wrote:

Fantasy General!

Especially at 27:28.

whispa wrote:

Fantasy General!

Especially at 27:28.

One of my all-time favorites.