DirectX issues

How do you manually install DirectX from the Redist version? I'm trying to get World of Tanks running on my laptop but it says I'm missing a Directx file (d3dx9_43.dll). I tried running the Directx web installer but it fails; says it can't download the file and I should check my connection and try again later. I downloaded the full latest Redist version of DirectX but I don't now how to deploy it. I unzipped the file I downloaded and, it contains a bunch of other archives for each of the files. Inside each of those are some other files but none that seem to be an installer.

Ok, if you download the Redist package for June 2010, which seems to be the last one, it's an exe -- you run it, and it uncompresses itself wherever you tell it to. I put it in D:\directx, but you can put it anywhere.

Then navigate to that folder, and you'll see a zillion files. Mixed in among them is a program called DXSETUP.exe. Run that, and it'll install everything for you.

If I had bothered sorting them at all I would have caught that. Thanks. The archives were first, in alphabetical order starting with April 2005.

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