Doctor Who *Spoilers Abound! We've lost Containment*

Strong choice for the new Doctor, though I was still pulling for Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She just seems to have the combination of sincere and camp that I think was missing in the last iteration.

Now that I have the opportunity to catch up with the show, I've taken it, and I just finished watching The (infamous?) Timeless Children a little bit ago. It was hard not to be aware of any of the moods around this particular run, and while obviously its not anywhere near as bad as its most unhinged detractors would have me believe, I have to admit I don't like it very much, and I don't think it's working very well. Especially this last episode I saw, but I'm realizing I have too many feelings and thoughts about it to pick through them all right now.

The thing I've seen that I do agree with is there is a critical lack of definition in this Doctor, and they haven't given her many "Declarative Statement" scenes that made previous incarnations feel distinct. But also they're frequently making her passive, which is really strange. Also, yeah, I suspect 4 might be too many people on the TARDIS for this long.

And, it took me a while to accept this, but I don't like the outfit, and I think the core of that is the short pants--they're over the line from Odd Sartorial Choice to Ridiculous, and I think they make her look especially silly when running (it could be that Whittaker isn't a great runner, but Capaldi certainly wasn't, and that seemed to fold into his character). The fact that they also gave The Master rolled up trousers like he's prepared for a flood sent me over the edge.

onewild wrote:

It's an awful thing, I hate that character (well not at first but what he became) like no other in Doctor Who. It's like watching a 5 year old after drinking 10 cups of coffee whenever he is on screen these days. He was good at first then slowly but surely just become more and more zany whacky working annoyence.

I texted a friend "I'd be much more excited about this if all of Torchwood hadn't happened."

Hey, if nothing else, Jodie Whitaker has the distinction of being the only Doctor who's gone through three prime ministers and two monarchs.

With a bit of distance from that finale, I think it's best to write the Timeless business with a big old comic book "Nope!" like a clone saga. And "Kerblam!" might be the most appalling episode of Who (not the worst, it will take a lot to unseat "Love and Monsters," but the most appalling).

I'm still not sure about why people disliked it. If it's from a devotion to "canon", that canon was already in conflict with itself. I mainly disliked that it annihilated Gallifrey again.

I don't see what's so confusing. It's very much the opposite of what you suggest: the Timeless garbage swaps out character for some very dumb "canon" and "lore," and then has a bunch of other dumb stuff around it, very much including the Gallifrey pointlessness. It introduces the notion that the Doctor was not a person who found their dull, boring, indifferent, and callous people dull, boring, indifferent and callous so they stole a time machine spaceship because they wanted to see what the universe was like, which isn't so much canon as a telling motivation that's been basically the spirit of the show for decades, instead they were embroiled in some mystery box nonsense I have no faith the current show runner will in any way make satisfying or interesting, and all to answer a question only someone joylessly devoted to canon could possibly care about. I'm pretty sure most people felt "Where does Regeneration come from?" was suitable answered by "Time Lords."

That theme of exploration and adventure was not "canon," and wondering what sort of ill sh*t the Doctor got up to when they were conscripted by this totally sick but shady Time Lord black ops unit while also being this mystery child who is massively redefined by no longer being from this one made up world because she's in truth from a different one we haven't seen yet is a poor substitute to say the least. And it was delivered with so little flair, too. To steal from a critic who seems pretty sensible: "The Master traps the Doctor and shows her a PowerPoint presentation that ends with 'You're Adopted.'" And on top of it all, the sh*ttiness is supposed to be a big shock, as if the Time Lords haven't always been sh*tty.

And even on top of and around that, all this hinges on if the Doctor can bring herself to destroy Gallifrey... again, except...not? Because The Master already killed everyone? It sure looks like everyone is dead. It's a little unclear, and sure doesn't justify the rehash. Also the overall insanity of how the climax plays out did legitimately break me: The Doctor faces The Master, Killing Device in hand, ready to die, only to have a side character literally run in, drop a lore bomb and say "I think I'm the one who should die." And The Doctor responds "Oh, okay, then," and runs away. Bizarre. Somehow more bizarre than bringing back Jack so he can warn The Doctor "Don't give the lone Cyberman what he wants," which...thanks, Captain, good warning to get, surely given their long history of convivial alliances, she would surely not realize a Cyberman was up to no good.

But if you meant "Kerblam!" that's all about the abominable "Systems are good, I'm siding with the Amazon proxy" speech.

So in summation, it's not devotion to canon, it's the dumb insertion of dumb canon.

I love this Dr but really dislike the writing. It's very frustrating.

strangederby wrote:

I love this Dr but really dislike the writing. It's very frustrating.

Same. I especially felt this way during Capaldi's run.

Got in a game of Doctor Who - Time of the Daleks with the Fam yesterday when this one decided to join us.