Doctor Who *Spoilers Abound! We've lost Containment*

Well it's like they knew Ophan 55 was a hot piece of garbage before with went out so decided to make an enviromental episode that didnt suck.

oh! i totally forgot this was sunday! up iplayer.

Says a lot that nobody seems to be posting in this thread any more. Chibell is wasting Whitaker and it will all be blamed on her and not his awful time as show runner.

I'm enjoying the episodes a fair bit this season actually , just not posting in this thread much *shrugs*

pyxistyx wrote:

I'm enjoying the episodes a fair bit this season actually , just not posting in this thread much *shrugs*

Same. As much as I was down on Orphan 55, these past three have been fantastic. I think I've just found that I'm listening to so many Doctor Who podcasts that I don't really have much to add to the conversation.

pyxistyx wrote:

I'm enjoying the episodes a fair bit this season actually , just not posting in this thread much *shrugs*

Also same


I liked the last episode except for the very end when the doctor took out the bad guys. I'm still not completely sure what happen after watching it multiple times. Other than that though I enjoyed the episode.

So far I think this season is an improvement over the last. A lot more consistent, plus some good hooks to draw us in.

I’m currently watching on Amazon video. I paid for the season up front and get the episodes on Amazon the day after they air, which explains why I’m never first in this thread to talk about the latest episode.

I'm enjoying the season, just been busy, didn't get to watch this week's episode until last night. Good amount of creepy. I was hoping the baddies were going to turn into some new recurring foes, instead of just a one-shot.

Oof, I started re-reading about the Shelleys after this last episode and... well, I guess we shouldn't have gotten too attached to poor William.

I have to admit I got fan chills when the fingers guy mentioned the Toymaker.


The celestial Toymaker

OK yeah that last episode was bonkers and amazing by the way.

I have theories...I shall post them here so i can feel smug/dumb for next week.


- Probably going to lose one or more of the companions. Graham is the obvious choice, given all his "hope" speeches and the fact that he's the old timer in the story, but i'd heard that the guy who plays Ryan has picked up a role on some US show recently so if they do bump anyone off they might throw a curve ball and have it be the one "safe" with the doctor. Losing Ryan would mean probably losing Graham as well given that they are family, so...if they go that route it would probably be Yaz. Especially since her character has developed into someone who is acting somewhat recklessly in times of peril (see : the episode with the plastic virus)

- Brendan is presumably the "timeless child" right? And the other two are probably Gallefreyan. And the retirement clock one of them was holding is probably one of those chameleon things they use to disguise themselves as human. Presumably Brendan's. SO... Is Brendan the Doctor pre-TV regeneration, having their mind erased, which is why they don't remember Ruth or anything prior to Hartnell? Wouldn't explain why they didn't die/regenerate on the beach though... but that's my best guess right now.

- The Master's line in the next episode preview .... "this is going to hurt" is not literal pain, but said in a "the truth hurts" kind of a way, I'll wager.


Are we sure Brendan was in Ireland and not Space Ireland?

I liked it but thought the drones looked silly.

welp. I think that's the first season finale that i found ENTIRELY satisfying. It was preeeetttty good


And FINALLY puts paid to all those "how many re generations does the doctor get" arguments... Noice.

That was interesting. It changes a lot of Time Lord lore. I think it's going to take a bit for it all to sink in.


Not a fan of retroactive chosen one narratives, let alone regular chosen one narratives.

Man, I don't know.

At first I enjoyed the last episode, ticked alone nicely and the Master stole the show. Then I thought about it abit more and it starts to fall apart and crash into Chibell is a hack.


So we have revealed the new history of the Doctor, that's fine as long as we stick to your own rules.
The Doctor falls off a cliff as the Irish copper and lives but doesn't regenerate? instead just trots on, and the only reason this is happening is because if he was to regen, then it would give the game away so Chibell just decides to crack on.
Speaking of Irish Doctor, guess Time Lords can regen into babies. Not really much of a problem unless it's a time of crisis and now we have the moral decision as whether to kill baby doctor?
If the Doctor has unlimited regens, then why do the Time Lords gift him more in Time of the Doctor? and if it is to cover up the fact they can regen all they want.
Where does the Master fit in with their own time line?
unceremoniously killing off villian from the last 2 episodes because he wasn't needed anymore was lame.

Re: the Ireland stuff...


This was a mask used to cover the actual events, so not literally a thing that happened, just an interpretation of the memories. E.g: See how it matched up with the meeting in the chamber with the Doctor in the meeting with the Division? how their positions were the same?, Or when the child fell off the cliff in the exact same way as Brendan did?

It was a metaphor masking the actual memories, rather than actual events that happened. OR at least that's what I'm pretty sure the state of affairs with that was.

Other thoughts...


Gifting more regens : Honestly I think that works in a "sh*t...we still need to keep the Doctor around but we can't let him know the truth, so let's invent some charade about granting more regenerations so that they don't get suspicious when they mysteriously don't die when they expect to".

re: the master. Since he escaped at the end (you hear him saying "Get in there!.." off screen just before the explosion so presumably he popped into his tardis with at least one of the regenerating cybermen), then i reckon this is one of the plot threads that will carry forward into next the series.

I would liked to have seen cyber whatshisface get a better death though, i'm not a huge fan of the miniaturiser device... bit too silly. Feels like a way of killing people in a bloodless, family TV friendly way more than anything.


That's how I interpreted the events in Ireland as well. They weren't real, they were the Doctor's mind's attempt at comprehending the leftover fragments of memory.

The gifting of extra regenerations was one of the things I was mulling over when I was letting this all sink in, and I was leaning in the same direction as pyxistyx for an answer.

Re the Ireland stuff - yeah now you have said that, that makes complete sense. To be fair I was watching it after work on Monday, on the back of only having like 5 hours sleep the night before.

I didn't realize this was a season finale when I started watching it. Now I'm mad. I want more Doctor Who soon! This was the best season in a while- I think it only had one clunker episode, and the rest were fun and really got me invested again.

pyxistyx wrote:

I would liked to have seen cyber whatshisface get a better death though, i'm not a huge fan of the miniaturiser device... bit too silly. Feels like a way of killing people in a bloodless, family TV friendly way more than anything.

Amazon has several DW 50th specials for free at the moment.

Cross post from the Board games thread I thought was relevant here


Tom Baker and David Tennant Will Team Up for a New Doctor Who Adventure

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Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN | The Secret of Novice Hame

A little late to say this but the point of all the stuff set in Ireland totally baffled me as well. I've read people's spoilered explanations and I guess they make sense. Still not sure whose point of view they were from.


By which I mean...


We the audience see Brendon's life. But do any of the characters in the story see it? It's not part of the Dr's memories. Just who, if anyone is experiencing the memories of a person who doesn't exist. The more I think about it the more confused I get.