Doctor Who *Spoilers Abound! We've lost Containment*

And the series is over. Oh and we won't be getting another one till 2020.

Highlights -
Jodie Whitaker and Bradley Walsh - I seriously think that the overall theme of the series should have been Graham dealing with his grief because boy that was the best stuff.
The 2 historical episodes were easily the two best episodes of the series and I would love for these writers to get more episodes.
As single episodes, I didn't truely hate any single one, there was certainly bad ones but nothing reached the lows of the worst of RTD.

Lowlights -
Chibell is a terrible show runner and a very average writer. I can only assume he didn't bother talking to his other writers, as the Doctor's views on killing were all other the place. And it had non-lethal options that rivaled Dishonoured in terms of "yeah death would have been better"
3 companions is too many, there just isn't enough screen time for all of them to have a meaningful arch. If one of Yaz or Ryan hadn't been there, then the other one could have had something like Graham had to work with.
The episodes didn't work as a whole.
Sonic Screwdriver as a magic wand is getting old, I know this isn't just a this series problem but it's just getting old and boring now.

farley3k wrote:


Person on the right looks like Thelma; person on the left looks like Fred. Where's Shaggy and Scooby, and why did I not think before that they'd make great companions?

I’m just glad I’m not the only one who saw the resemblance to the Scooby Gang!

And Old Man Smithers in the middle, after his unmasking.

This was the weakest season, imo. Hope this doesn't lead to JW leaving as the writers have failed to flesh out any of the characters or provide them with anything interesting to add to the show and they don't really "support" the doctor's character either.

Unlikely. given that it's had the best ratings Dr Who's seen in about a decade. Weak episodes or no, and as much as certain "fans" would be more than happy to see it crash and burn, it's been a pretty huge success for the Beeb.

I'm happy that it's been so successful. I do hope future seasons with this cast and crew give a bit more to chew on, though. I was telling my wife last night that as excited as I was about the cast and the potential directions that could all go in, I've been lukewarm on the season as a whole. I haven't finished watching it, and I'm not sure I will.

For all of the upheaval in the casting of the Doctor and her companions, it felt like an exceedingly safe series. Enough so that I wonder if that was negotiated with higher-ups as part of the deal to get Whittaker, Cole, and Gill cast in the first place. Whittaker seemed at times to be doing a passing impersonation of Tennant instead of making the role her own, and the stories seemed fairly tame and by-the-numbers. (As a counterpoint, and as a demonstration of my poor taste and heartlessness, I didn't like much of anything about the Rosa Parks episode.)

I think there's enormous potential in the show right now—more than there's been in awhile—and I hope that future series will see them embracing that potential more, now that they've established that, yes, this cast and this Doctor and this showrunner can make it work.

Watched the new years special. I liked it. Only had a few minor problems with it. Going to be a long wait for the next season.

Can we get a McGann spinoff TV series?

Ha! What!? I need to get more of these audio productions.

RIP Terrance Dicks, One of Doctor Who's Most Vital Writers

Terrance Dicks, one of the most influential writers in Doctor Who’s entire history, has died at the age of 84.

Dicks’ contribution to Doctor Who is legendary—after starting in television writing scripts for the haunting supernatural series The Avengers, he first joined the Doctor Who production team as an assistant script editor in 1968 with the Second Doctor serial “The Seeds of Death”, a series of scripts Dicks would ultimately play a major part in re-writing that lead not only to him becoming Script Editor on the show, but the writer behind “The War Games”, the 10-part epic that ended Patrick Troughton’s time as the Doctor.

From there, Dicks helped steer the era of the Third Doctor alongside equally legendary producer Barry Letts, completely re-imagining the series as the titular Time Lord found himself momentarily exiled on Earth. Although Dicks and Letts would join Pertwee in leaving in 1974, he had an important part to play in helping shape Who’s future even further with the casting of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. After he had departed as Script Editor, Dicks continued to write for Doctor Who, scripting stories like Baker’s debut, “Robot”, “The Brain of Morbius”, “Horror of Fang Rock”, and “State of Decay”. His final script for the series was actually one of the show’s most ambitious up to that point: “The Five Doctors”, the legendary 20th anniversary special. In all, over 150 episodes of the series were edited or written by Dicks, leaving an indelible mark on the program’s history.

Wow. RIP, Terrance Dicks. I can't even remember how many times I'd sit down to watch DW as a kid and his name would pop up. I guess it was over 150 times! A sad day for Who fans everywhere.