A multifunction laser printer you'd recommend


I could use some printer advice.

I have an old lexmark e210 laser printer. I love it only because I can use the Samsung ML 1200 series drivers and after a one time 5 minute modification, the Samsung Laser printer toner cartridges which are so reasonably priced its ridiculous.

I also have a multifunction lexmark inkjet that I absolutely hate. I hate it because well, the ink cartridges are ridiculous and the software that it installs with the drivers for scanning etc is pure bloat.

I'd like to consolidate down to one machine, instead of hopping back n forth between them. I have a new job with lots of expense / receipts to gather together and prep every two weeks.

Is there a multifunction black white laser printer with reasonably priced toner cartridgers... that does scanning/copying (I dont care about faxing).
I don't care about color as I'd rather just head over to fedex / kinkos those rare times I need something. I'd just hope to buy something that stands the test of time and has price competitive toner cartridges.

I love my lexmark laser printer.. only because it is basically a Samsung.

Maybe I dont need this multifunction monstrosity. Maybe the lexmark e210 plus some type of small scanner for copying / scanning would be enough.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

I may be in the minority on this one, but I love Brother MFC devices. They've got Laser B&W or Color units, or a more traditional Inkjet variety. They're totally easy to use, their drivers aren't filled with bloat, they're network ready right out of the box (even Wi-Fi on some models), and they're both Mac and PC friendly. You can scan, fax, and print all remotely over the network without a direct USB connection, and they have both Android and iOS apps to do your scanning, faxing, and printing right from your phone or tablet.

I've been using the MFC-7820N for literally the last 5 years without a single hitch. I love it. Of course, that model was replaced by the new hotness, the MFC-7860DW (Amazon Link). Toner cartridges are generally $30-$50, but in my experience they tend to last forever. My wife's an elementary school teacher working with no budget, so we often print an entire class's supply of materials at home on that 7820N without any problems.