Preview of Neverwinter From Cryptic and PWE

I'm on quite a bit -- boudicca longshadow, a 70th level cleric but I've also got a smattering of other characters as well. I think the player name is @blacksheepers, if that helps at all.. look me up and I'll run with you.

Anyone still playing this? I reinstalled a few days ago, had no idea how to play my level 30-something Control Wizard, so I created a new one. Any recommended GWJ-friendly guilds?

I just started playing a week ago or so because I wanted to try out the Ravenloft expansion and I've really been enjoying it. It told me the last time I'd played was 2013 so there was definitely an adjustment period. I had several characters at the former level cap of 60 in raid gear and I just used the free respec and copied some current builds I found online. I was surprised to see the cap had only gone up to 70 and I was able to keep going in the old gear, for the most part, till I got them up to 70 though I did have to avoid some quest lines in a few of the new areas as the newer gear, that I was not yet wearing, would more than triple my hitpoints which those mobs were accounting for. I haven't gotten back into any guilds yet as I'm likely just going to poke around as much solo content as I can and then drift away again. They definitely went heavy into the R.A. Salvatore vein of the Forgotten Realms with tons of quest lines involving all of his major characters, a villain from his first book, and one entire new area being Icewind Dale. It's also been fun seeing how they hand waved Minsc into Neverwinter and running into Elminster and now Strahd. I do have some worries though as the main reason I wanted to jump back in was for the Ravenloft content and so far I've hit a hard wall on that. At level 70 I went ahead and bought high enough gear that I could be flagged for the lower end level 70 dungeons and even with that gear I was easily getting killed by what I think are supposed to be trash mobs in the first intro quests in Ravenloft. I guess they're counting on me having a bunch of boons from the prior modules and upgraded relic items before heading into this area. That, or they've suddenly decided the quests should all just be group quests instead of solo with a companion.

Dang. A new expansion? I might have to look into this again and reload it.

Yea with it being Ravenloft i was tempted and then remembered i really didn't like the base game.

I'm still chugging through the content. Hit level 50 tonight, which is actually a bit of a problem -- with all the xp boosts and daily quests for guild/stronghold materials, I'm outlevelling the zones. I'm pretty sure the zones will all auto-downlevel you to a capped amount, so going back to clean up earlier zones that I missed at least won't feel totally worthless.

I just wish I could play a monk... That would get me to play a lot more.

Has anyone played this on the XBox? How is it?

How is the game for someone who has never played NWN before?

I played it briefly on Xbox One and it was fine. It plays more like an action rpg and I don't think you have to have any Neverwinter background knowledge to quickly pick up what's going on. Most of the stories are fairly self contained and only some of the more recent quests chain into each other and bring up characters from the Forgotten Realms books or Baldur's Gate.

Just started playing on PS4. Enjoying it so far. More action RPG than trad RPG, but fun and the base cost is still zero.

Doesn't look like PS4 does crossplay (thanks Sony), but if you have PS4 and want company leveling/adventuring DM me. From the FAQ, looks like you have to all switch to the same instance, but then you can play together. If I missed guild listing on the main MMO Guild thread let me know, but I didn't see on in the first posts.

Prefer to talk over Discord rather than type chat on the PS4.

I tried this a while back and didn't really get into it, and I've had a passing thought of giving it a second chance. Anyway, right now Humble has their Neverwinter pack for free, so anyone interested you should go grab your key for it.

Exclusive free content includes the Intern Starter Pack: a Ensorcelled Mulhorand Weapon, a Bag of Holding, and a Stone of Health.

I've been playing it on the XBox, and it is lots of fun. The story is, well, your bog-standard D&D story, but it is simple. I am about 20 hours in, just hit level 32 (out of 70) and have only had to work in a team once.

mudbunny wrote:

I've been playing it on the XBox, and it is lots of fun. The story is, well, your bog-standard D&D story, but it is simple. I am about 20 hours in, just hit level 32 (out of 70) and have only had to work in a team once.

You can hit 70 without teaming up, but the last 20 levels really help if you’re teaming it.

I just reinstalled this on PC to pass some time. I guess I had a level 65 character from back in 2015. I looked up a guide and it warned about the grind to 70, but I finished it in a couple hours. They must have eased it a bit in the past couple years. So now I'm a fresh level 70 and man, there is just so much content.

I don't know how long I'll play this but on the off chance someone else is still playing on PC, I'm around.

If you haven't already, get the ravenloft quest from Lord Neverember "Unwelcome guests" and go through that. There's really only one fight that you have to get through (it's tough and you might die a few times but finishable) and at the end of the quest you'll get a full set of vistani gear with enchantments that is allitem level 460. It will make all the other end game content a lot easier (on the other hand, it means that most of the gear rewards from the end game content will be substantially worse than what you have)