(XBox and PS3)

Does anyone have this? If so, are you able to watch the free .tv game of the day on it? I've got the At Bat app for my iPhone/iPad and find myself watching these games when my White Sox are inactive or the fiancée has locked into HGTV.

Not really interested in paying for the full package, but if I could catch one game a night on there it would be great!

Good question, I know there's been talk in the MLB thread that people are able to watch the free game a night, but I don't recall them saying whether or not it was through a console.

I stream one game a night through my mac mini but I'm not sure if this works for consoles.

Also, what is the cost of the At Bat app? I'm asking because a 2012 premium subscription includes the app. Last year the app wasn't included.

At Bat is $15. That covers the whole season and postseason. You get all audio streams, highlights, game day, condensed games (next day) and news. Wish other leagues had this kind of app...

I feel terrible for people who got blacked out today.

I have the subscription service and it's pretty weak on the Xbox 360, I'm unable to pick the local feeds and I am only able to get the home feeds. The Roku Player app is REALLY good.