BishopRS, Choose Your Tag!

I'll start things off with:

Takes ruhk

That's all I got, congratulations.



Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
are YOU the X-Trator?
LFGambit, revenge

Oh no.. not again!

I'm going to steal Ahrezmendi's and amend it.

Takes RookTUV

Stole all your kills.


He sure did.

Cardinal of the Kremlin
Vs. Cable ISPs


Diagonal Mover
monochrome ('cause they can only stay on one color

From this awesome MP sketch:

It's the Bishop!
We was too late...

The only one qualified
I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid
Not bad. For a human.

Minarchist wrote:

We was too late...

This! Best tag ever.

Huh, thought this had been done already (no, not saying there's another thread). Anyway, congrats!

Takes ruhk


ahrezmendi wrote:
Minarchist wrote:

We was too late...

This! Best tag ever.

Haha! Not sure that one can be topped. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

My handle is the one that I used during Halo 1 LANs. We would make increasingly ridiculous names to fit "You were killed by ____". I can't remember the whole reason I landed on Bishop, but I liked it so it stuck.


Checkmate, Motherf*cker!
Professional Teabagger
Pwning Noobs Since ____
Laser --> Ass
LEET Goodjer

93_confirmed wrote:

Checkmate, Motherf*cker!

HAHA! While amazing, I'm not sure that one would go over well. Going to go with Min and Ahrez's. Thanks all

Woohoo! Nice choice.

Good choice!