Dave's Galaxy - 4X "Beer and Pretzels" online game

I've been playing Dave's Galaxy for about a month, and it's been a lot of fun. I'm wary of online turn-a-day style games (thinking Ikariam, for example) because I usually lose interest, but Dave's Galaxy is different somehow. There's more depth, or the game develops more slowly, or I like it because of its incredible scale...I'm not sure exactly, but I figured I'd post here in case anyone likes 4X space stuff and wants to try it out.

Dave (Dave Case, the developer of the game) says this on the website:

Dave's Galaxy is a turn-based 'Beer and Pretzels' strategy game designed for casual play. Large amounts of time are not required, but daily usage is encouraged. We want to be a small but interesting part of your day, something you look forward to doing but are not consumed by.

It's a multiplayer game. You start on a planet as a civilization which just developed interstellar travel. You can colonize other planets, build military fleets, meet and befriend or besiege your neighbors, and trade with them (or among your own colonies).

I don't claim to understand a lot of what's going on under the hood. The game is a work in progress, always evolving, but don't mistake that for thinking this is a game in beta. It works pretty well. There are quite a few people playing, and some of them have enormous empires. I'm most likely a speed bump in my current neighborhood, about to be swallowed up by a larger neighbor, so I'm migrating away to a less-populated area...maybe. Travel takes a long time, and by the time I get to my new destination, someone else may have already gotten there first. And that's part of the fun

One warning - Dave lets people script the game, so I think some of the larger empires are doing exactly that - running a script which says "planets of this size build X upgrades, Y fleets, and Z trade/colony ships." I don't know how they manage the turns with empires that big.

I fully expect to be smushed like a bug, but the possibility exists I'll make friends, join an alliance, and actually carve out a place to live. Whatever happens, it's been a fun journey so far.

I posted some images to give you an idea how far my civ has gotten in about a month, and also why I'm leaving the neighborhood. All the pics are captioned, but the first is my current civ (the arrows indicate the direction my ships are traveling, leaving town), the second shows the empire approaching from my left, the third shows the entire galaxy, and the fourth has my location circled with an arrow pointing to it.

Your starting position is completely random, but if you try the game and you're anywhere near me, let me know, we'll ally against The Blight

Note: I searched but didn't find Dave's Galaxy mentioned anywhere on the site. If someone else recognizes the name and points me to a thread, I'll move any relevant contents of my post there.