BHA Raids 4/3-4/9 In which we play the only genre Zenke will lower himself to play

Can we do it this week? Let's see!

zeroKFE - rDPS, liability
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday: 7 - 10 PM (one of the above)

Oh I thought this was going to be for next week I was excited I could do Tues (aka tonight). Then I will be out of town for the Indians Opening Day. Then Hockey this weekend (last game).

Next week anyday!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday & Wednesday only for me.
@PAX East rest of the week.

I'll be around whenever, as usual. One of these years I'll manage to get out to one PAX or another, but this year isn't it.

Oh oily. I feel the love.

Hack's in for whenevs.

Jey/Cindra - Th, Sunday

put me in coach

I can do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Monday.

Edit: Thursday may be a no-go for me, if I end up going to the Westin for pre-PAX gaming.

I fear PAX East will kill this.

We don't have enough for tonight yet and it looks like the rest of the week is a wash.

Ah well, everyone take this opportunity to get the word out and we can hit this hard next week.

I'm leaving for Africa tomorrow so it's a no go for me for a while.

I haven't been active on my Hunter on Blackhand server but if you need toons if someone would want to go real ID with me I can bring my tank, who hasn't ventured into LFR or my melee DPS DK or range DPS Hunter, who both have many times done LFR.

I have been playing DPS so much so I can observe the tanks before I bring my tank in there and not look like a noob.