Bully Culture in American Schools

jdzappa wrote:

That is an awesome video - the music is a little too overwrought but the poem itself is powerful. Unfortunately, I've seen some backlash among Facebook friends about how bully survivors should "just get over it." I hope one day bullying is seen as the same as parental abuse in that I doubt few people would say "just get over it" to somebody whose dad regularly came home from the bar and proceeded to beat them unconscious.

It's probably due to the wide range of behavior that falls under the category of "bullying." It ranges from really minor stuff to having your life made into a living hell. The people saying "get over it" probably don't realize that the term can mean more than just calling someone names once in a while.

I hope this isn't just anecdotal evidence but I remember reading somewhere that verbal abuse is 8 times more likely to have lasting effects than physical abuse.

Of course verbal abuse typically goes along with the verbal.

Calling someone names isn't a "just" to me. I have 0 tolerance for bullying - any kind, probably any amount. I have never called anyone names and will neither countenance nor support it. There is a large difference between terms of endearment between friends and cruel verbal abuse.

If you tolerate that sort of behavior without combating or directly opposing it, I'd say you're part of the problem. Be part of the solution, instead. Don't tolerate bullying.

Do not be afraid. Many people who do nothing or join in name-calling without really wanting to are afraid of social censure; or being cast out. Do not give in to fear. Do what you know is right. It only takes one person standing up to a bully to get the ball rolling. You can be that person. You can be that hero.

You do not have to be violent. You do not need to know kung fu. The simple act of eating and chatting with a kid being bullied at school during lunch hour sends a powerful message. You will probably be called names by bullies for standing up to them like this. Take it and own it. Be brave. Be powerful.