Australian Rules Football

Round 1 for the 2012 has started this week and there have been some cracking games for those that are curious to see my favourite sport played. - seems to suggest that Fox Soccer Plus will have games as well as some other cable sources.

Collingwood v Hawthorn and Geelong v Fremantle were super skilful and were fought right to the siren.

Get on it with a cold beer and hot pie.

Bruce, I'm seven years late and stuck in the States but I like your favorite sport!

Towards the end of last season (just before Gaff's punch) I made an effort to finally understand the rules; wow have I been missing out.

So far I've mainly been limited to trawling YouTube for full matches but the local brewery tends to have Fox Soccer Plus tuned in. Going with seems pricey.

I'm still a little confused by the time keeping. So we, as the TV audience, know exactly how much time is left but the players don't?

Last year there was one game a week and all of the playoffs up to the Grand Final on Fox Sports 2. The AFLW games are free on as well. The watchafl service is a little pricey but last year they had a 25% discount just after the Grand Final so I signed up then. I'd wanted to go see it at a bar with the local USAFL team but just couldn't quite bring myself to go out from 10pm to 4am.

You're right about time- the onfield clock doesn't stop for play stoppages but the clock you see on TV does.

I think the best rules explanation I've seen is from Ninh Ly's youtube channel.

I was tempted by the 25% discount but I didn't bite... this time.

I'd wanted to go see it at a bar with the local USAFL team but just couldn't quite bring myself to go out from 10pm to 4am. :D

Ha; likewise in my area. Plus, the bar they picked is in a very congested area that I avoid in the best of conditions.

Funny you mention Ninh Ly. The first video of his that I watched was for rugby union, now that there's slightly more coverage on NBC these days. Then the Aussie rules video started playing and that was the "oh yeah, I've always meant to figure this out", and off I went.

Thanks for confirming the on-field clock. I think this makes the game a lot more watchable than other sports that go deep into end-game clock strategies, e.g., basketball.

I also really like the lack of constant commercial breaks. If the athletes need to be running, jumping, and tackling billboards to make this happen, so be it.

And the level of sheer, all-around athleticism on display is remarkable.

Thanks for the heads-up on AFLW; I'll be sure to catch a match or two. Are there any differences in rules between mens and womens? (I'm not sure why there would be, but one never knows.)

There are a couple of tweaks in the AFLW but they don't really change the game. The main differences are a smaller ball,16 players per side and some tweaks to boundary throwins when the ball goes out of bounds. Between the 50 meter arcs it's a last touch rule with a free kick awarded to the team that didn't have the last touch. Inside the 50m arcs it's a normal throwin. Throwins are then brought in 10m to get the ball more quickly into the center of the field (the 'corridor'). I think that's a pretty good rule as the women's games seem to have more congestion then the men's - the women are better at getting to the ball carrier than the carrier is at disposing of the ball. So anything that opens up the field is helpful.

Yeah I also like that the game just runs on- I like gridiron football as well, but I usually record the game and start watching an hour in so I can fast-forward past all the stoppage and see the 11% of the broadcast that's actual play