Good news Teachers! You can now sleep with your students!


Based on a case of a teacher getting 30 (!!) years for sleeping with an 18 y/o student.

I agree with the teacher's attorney who says:

I think that this case does not necessarily say a teacher can do that and keep their job. I think the loss of job and loss of teacher's license might be appropriate for that, but it's not appropriate to put someone in jail for 30 years.

Kind of a disingenuous thread title, isn't it?

Honestly, I kind of agree with the Arkansas judge (never thought I'd agree with anything from Arkansas...). If the relationship is consensual and legal otherwise, why such harsh state/federal punishment for the sole fact that the relationship was between a student and teacher? Not to say there should be no repercussions-- the guy should get fired and/or lose his license and/or get blacklisted from teaching-- but 30 years imprisonment for consensual sex seems extreme. It shouldn't be the job of the government to enforce school rules and conduct, IMHO. At least, not if the student is of legal/consenting age. Were the student underage, that's a whole other ball of wax.

I would look at student-teacher (legal-age/consensual) relationships the same as most relationships are viewed in office work: if a boss and employee are caught sleeping together, neither of them could necessarily go to jail or even have law enforcement involved-- chances are, the boss would probably get fired at worst, relocated at best.

Of course, my take is painting the situation in broad strokes, and there are always circumstances that alter the situation in almost every instance.

Yeah, that's the right outcome. Because of the power imbalance, that sort of thing shouldn't be tolerated as a condition of employment, but as long as both parties are adult, there shouldn't be any fines or jail time involved. At most, you should lose your job, or maybe your license to teach in that state.

Yup. Professionally terrible, legally fine.