Bowl season is over. Time to rumble through the offseason.

Coach Carousel is up.

Looks like Temple and Marshall have decisions to make.

I got offered the USC DC position and the Marshall Head coach position. LOL @ Zell

Are we allowed to upgrade to aother team, or should we keep our current team? Obviously, if I was offered a job at a 4-star school or better, I shouldn't take it.


If I am the DC at a 4* school and I play the head coach human person at a 2* they play against the AI when I am on offense?

What do you guys think?

So yeah, it won't let me accept the Temple position. They offered me a 3-year contract, but they won't let me sign it. The only other positions available are the USC defensive coordinator and the Marshall job.

Are you in the middle of the contract? It says I'm only in year 2 of 3. I wonder what happens if we do nothing. beat LSU in a bowl game and am 9-4 in my record, and they are offering other coaches my job? That doesnt seem right. Now I know how Tebow feels.

Looks like it says that Leroy is on the clock. Weird, since Zell and I are done with our contracts. I guess Leroy needs to decide what he's doing, and thn it moves to the next person?

i havent even see what i am offered yet
havent even got on to check

Well sh*t. I'm not home. I will do nothing and see what happens. I have 100% job security so I dont think ol Hugor Hill is going anywhere.

Leroyog wrote:

Well sh*t. I'm not home. I will do nothing and see what happens. I have 100% job security so I dont think ol Hugor Hill is going anywhere.

I think you do need to do something. Not sure what, but I don't think Zell or I can do anything until it's our turn. I think your job is safe, but I think other schools are trying to lure you to their school.

If we're all committed to our teams, the commish can zoom through this part of the offseason.

Zell and kush are teamless

lol...ouch..again...9-4 with a bowl win 38-10 over LSU and I get the shaft. Somehow...I feel wronged

Your contract expired, so it isn't as if they are searching for a new coach....wait....they did offer me and Kush the job.....weird. I mean...

temple and cmu did beat Marshall......

If you can't beat em....


So when I clicked the advance option, it forced me to stay with my current job. Yay. I am still CMU's head coach. Shall I force us all to keep the same job?

I'm fine keeping the same job. I just don't want to be jobless!

I still have another year with my 13the ranked Broncos

yeah, i want to keep marshall

I'll jump on and advance as much as possible.

Zell actually needs to do something. The only option I can do for Zell is force him to sign with USC. Apparently we all got that offer

I have my contract signed now, I think we're ready to advance.

For some reason it won't let me force Zell to be Marshall.

It listed him as Marshall when I logged in, I think we should be good.

We are now on players leaving!


Posted this is the wrong post first time around. Western is ready to roll.

Temple is ready (players leaving)

Week 1 recruiting