Baldur's Gate coming back

So, I "finished" the early access last night - I'm fairly sure I explored everywhere and did everything there is to do in EA as well - you eventually reach an area where it'll tell you you are leaving Early Access. It's worth following that through as you get a little video from Sven & Larian thanking you for playing the game and asking for some feedback.

In conclusion it's magnificent. Got a lot of bugs and things still - hey, it's early access - but as I have said before and elsewhere, there are companies out there who release finished games nowhere near as good as this is, even for an early access.

There are some distinct quality of life issues they need to address - chain jumping out of combat being the main one - and the really need to put in a layer of explaining both D&D 5e rules and lore. Fine you've got a mind flayer tadpole in your head but really, that's just the start. They introduce a lot of factions in the opening area but unless you have a good understanding of D&D Lore most of it is going to fly over your head. I have spent a couple of very nerdy hours while playing this looking up stuff on the internet.

The big question I guess is: Is it Baldur's Gate? I really don't know how to answer that. The plot & Story are steeped in D&D Lore - hence my comments above. Mechanically, it plays like Divinity: Original Sin with considerable refinement over what they have done before. It does not play like the original Baldur's Gate games. If you want that, you need to go and play Pillars of Eternity. Whether or not that makes or breaks "Is it Baldur's Gate" is basically down to you. Is it a terrific cRPG with a very compelling storyline? Holy crap, they've knocked that question out of the park as far as I am concerned. All the companion characters are well developed characters with really meaningful and very different motivations, and voice acting is, across the board, absolutely superb. even for the minor NPCs you meet as you go along, and as previously mentioned the overarching plot is really interesting, and clearly allows for multiple outcomes.

As I've touched on before though it does feel much more rewarding playing as a "good" character than an "evil" character - at least, as I've experienced so far. I'll admit I probably need to do a properly evil playthrough to really experience all there is, but to be honest the opportunities to be "evil" really amount to either psychopathic behaviour which is really out of context rather than something more meaningful - at least in my experience. The over arching plot clearly has some very interesting choices and decisions regarding "being evil" (along the lines of "my character wants to become a tyrannical ruler & use all the events to their advantage") but it very much feels like that's being done at that storyline level rather than the nuts and bolts "things to do" while you're exploring the map.

Possibly I've not explained that too well, but that's how it feels to me so far. And again, when you are being evil, you don't seem to get the rewards out of it you if you're being "good".

I'll come back to it again I suspect before final release, but I have loved every second of the 80 hours I've sunk into it (yeah, me too. 80 hours?!?) and I cannot wait to see where Larian end up taking this game.

So, after a bit of waiting, teasing and mild trolling by Larian (my word people are so entitled these days) the second major patch has been released today.

There are a whole load of changes ranging from Quality of Life (no long will you have to jump each character separately when exploring!) , balancing changes (no longer can you sneak attack without finesse weapons) and other improvements / bug fixes etc.

They've just released this video explaining it all. they've certainly been listening to the feedback

Do we have any sense for how far out a 1.0 version is? (Save me some research time )

I am eagerly awaiting playing this with my wife and brother based on our enjoyment of Divinity OS2!

polypusher wrote:

Do we have any sense for how far out a 1.0 version is? (Save me some research time )

I am eagerly awaiting playing this with my wife and brother based on our enjoyment of Divinity OS2!

Somewhere between 9-12 months I would estimate.

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