NCAA12 GWJ2STAR -- Bowls: Leroy's Shame

packers game....I thought the ravens were the late game.


Leroyog wrote:


hey my team finished their season last week against the steelers...the sent the local high school to play the patriots this week

Has anyone else had any issues connecting to a game? Every time me and zell try to play says connection lost

We've previously had issues like that with National Championship games that required people to be booted from the league then re-invited. Not sure we've experienced that during the regular season. I haven't checked tonight, though, so it could just be something with EA.

We tried multiple attempts on two occasions. It just didnt happen. You can sim it or we can try to boot and reinvite trick...

I tried doing even an unranked and ranked game and out of ten tries I g.ot connection lost and the I got into it went 2 minutes and then connection lost I hate EA's servers

I tried restarting my router and clearing both my caches...dunno what else to do. If you want to boot me leroy, then send a reinvite then we can try again later...or we can sim it and move on to next week. Your call

Sounds like an EA server issue. If you guys want to give it a try again Monday/Tuesday, that's cool. Otherwise, I'll sim it when I get home from work on Tuesday

Zell, it sounds like you got your connection issues smoothed out?

firesloth wrote:

Zell, it sounds like you got your connection issues smoothed out?

I have but I dont know when WMU can play...I am open the later part of tonight and all of tomorrow evening. I get home at 8 eastern if we can try either of those.

Willhouse – how is your connection going? Any chance you guys can get in a game soon?

My connection seems fine. I can play either late tonight like 11pm eastern or late Saturday or Sunday

My connection seems fine. I can play either late tonight like 11pm eastern or late Saturday or Sunday

Tell you what, I'll make Sunday night the deadline.

willhouse4078 wrote:

My connection seems fine. I can play either late tonight like 11pm eastern or late Saturday or Sunday

I will be on tonight at 11pm.

Advancing to week 4 as Willie and Zel have completed their game.

Damnit....My QB was phenomenal last game and this game he just consistently overthrew or underthrew his receivers. 5ints. Sheesh.
Not to mention, who the hell is that drake kid? avg 10 yrds a carry? it didn't matter if I run blitzed or called outside coverage, he just tore me to shreds. Got to hand it to will...he plays his team was a good game there til the 4th when the pressure really got to my QB. I was laughing my butt off when I converted that 4th down for a TD though...and screaming my head off when you converted the 3&27 with a 45yrd pass to a receiver in double coverage. Also that screen the next series, should have been a pick six. Dont know why my guy let it go through his hands.
Again, good game. well fought.

as an were up by 2 tds with 1 sec to couldnt have just let me run that int back for a td? lol

It was actually the AI that got you lol. The game never gives me they defender I want. I think the reason the yard per carry was so high was because of that 78 yard TD run

It was a defensive struggle till the end. I don't think I completed to many passes. The fame field goal and your TE getting that touchdown to start the second half had me frustrated as all hell

Since we rolled...

Welcome to Week 4!
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=============== Central Michigan Chippewas (1-1) ===============
Last week, Central Michigan won 45-6 against BYU (0-2).
This week, the Chippewas travel to Kalamazoo to face the Western Michigan Broncos (1-1).

=============== Temple Owls (0-3) ===============
Last week, Temple lost 34-24 against Colorado (1-1).
This week, the Owls travel to Boise to face the #5 Boise State Broncos (1-0).

=============== Colorado State Rams (1-1) ===============
Last week, Colorado State lost 31-7 against Miami University (2-0).
This week, the Rams travel to Denver to face the Colorado Buffaloes (1-1).
In recruiting news, the following Colorado State targets have announced their decisions:
- (***) SS Shaun Williams has committed to Colorado State

=============== Western Michigan Broncos (1-1) ===============
Last week, Western Michigan won 42-28 against Marshall (1-1).
This week, the Broncos will host Central Michigan (1-1).
In recruiting news, the following Western Michigan targets have announced their decisions:
- (**) HB David Gillett has committed to Western Michigan

=============== Marshall Thundering Herd (1-1) ===============
Last week, Marshall lost 42-28 against Western Michigan (1-1).
This week, the Thundering Herd will host Ohio (1-1).
In recruiting news, the following Marshall targets have announced their decisions:
- (**) HB R.J. Holt has committed to Buffalo

=============== Rice Owls (1-1) ===============
Last week, Rice won 17-13 against Toledo (1-1).
This week, the Owls travel to DeKalb to face the Northern Illinois Huskies (0-3).
In recruiting news, the following Rice targets have announced their decisions:
- (**) QB Garrett Holland has committed to Rice

Well that sucked. I dont know what the hell was going on but Willie's defense was on All-Madden's Heisman Trophy Boner team. And for whatever reason, no one felt like covering his WR who had 3 catches for 188 yards and 3 TDs. I dont understand it as I've NEVER seen that happen in one game where a player was just left open downfield. Like 10-20 yards open. Ah well.

The first time I figured it was a busted zone coverage. The second and third time seemed as if the safety was looking at the cheerleaders or thought he was on a spy coverage for some reason. Didn't rush for as many yards as the last game but my pass offense really picked up. It also helped that my defense account for almost 5 picks and 14 points. Thought my night was going to go bad when on your first play you go 75 yards and score.

Man did Temple almost rock the college football world! Boise St barely hangs on to win 24-21. Down 14-0 early, Temple scored two huge TDs to tied the score before the end of the half. Down 17-14, Temple offense sergically went down the field, and actually took a 21-17 lead with about 5 minutes to play. Of course, as expected, Boise St went right back down the field, and took a 3-pt lead. Temple started the next drive ok, but a big sack on 2nd down put Temple in a state of panic, and they turned the ball over on downs. But Temple then held Boise on a 3 and out, using their final two timeouts. After BSU's kicker clanged the FG attempt off the right post, Temple got the ball back with 20 seconds to go. A huge drop on first down forced Temple to throw up the next pass, only to watch it get intercepted.

Temple goes to (0-4) on the season, but maybe now the Owls have put the college football world on notice.

I predict your first win will come next week against Colorado State...

I'll get my game in tonight or tomorrow. Likely to be tomorrow.

Game's done. CSU loses to Colorado by a TD, 35-28. To make matters worse, I lost my best HB for the season to a dislocated hip.

I actually went up by a point with only 2:00 to play. However, there were three more TDs scored before the end of the game. The Colorado score after I went up was...well, crazy is kind. My DT had the QB and just whiffed on the tackle. Then the QB threw a 5 yard pass to a WR that got hit a time or two, but then scampered for a long score. I scored my last TD with 0:16 left, but couldn't recover the onside kick.

Not being able to tackle the opposition's HB sucks.

Tackle better, n00b.

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Leroyog wrote:

Tackle better, n00b.

oh lololol :p


Wait, if you have time to post here, you have time to ROLL. n00b commish.

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Rolling now. I'm not playing you in the other league though! I need my wits about me and what not