NCAA12 GWJ2STAR -- Bowls: Leroy's Shame


Also like to point out my RB Tevin Drake won the heisman as well as about 4 other awards as well. And should hopefully be returning next year.

Noooo...GO PRO young man.

Ugh. What a painful experience. CSU loses the "Humanitarian" bowl on the blue turf in Boise. That's painful enough, but the game was even worse.

I was leading 14-7 with about 30 sec left in the half and doing very well. Then Nevada just turned on for some reason. They scored twice to end the half, with their DBs jumping all over passes while my receivers just watched. Then they scored again within 30 sec of the start of the 3rd quarter and again within the first 3 min. of the 3rd. Of those 4 scores, 3 were on very long runs by their HB. They got another long TD pass when my zone defense refused to play either (that is refused to play zone or defense).

The most frustrating thing is the way my QB behaved. In this game and the one against Willhouse he was erratic. He would be unmolested with his feet still and simply miss guys. Deep, short, whatever. If you tried to lead the receivers to make any corrections, he'd hit the defenders instead. He is only a sophomore, but he's also better than that statistically.

Well, at least we're ready to roll...

firesloth wrote:

Well, at least we're ready to roll...

No we're not.

I will try to play tonight. Temple looking to beat Louisville for busting my NCAA bracket at work. My work know, the one my wife is winning. I should just copy her brackets every year, she always kicks my ass.

For some reason, EA thought it would be a swell idea to show the week as 6/6 as soon as it was rolled.

Temple ends the season with an 8-game win streak, as the Owls hang on to beat Louisville 30-24. Temple took a 20-pt lead into the 4th quarter, but Louisville cut the lead to 6 with just under 4 mins to go. Temple was able to burn all of the Cardinals time outs, and only gave the Cardinals 16 seconds to work with at their own 20. Time a not on the Cards side, and Templ hangs on to win.

Damn, nice run Kush

Western is ready. Lost a lot on my offense most of my o-line my QB and three of my WR. Was able to keep my RG from transfering. And much to Firesloth's attempts my RB Drake is still on the team for at least one more year. On Defense evferyone but my MLB, 1 DT, and both of my SS the whole defense returns.