NCAA12 GWJ2STAR -- Bowls: Leroy's Shame

I'm going to make one tiny adjustment to the sliders and that's to increase user picks a smidge. I'm sick of seeing easy ints dropped all the time. Super serial here. Wobblers going to 92 overall CBs should NOT be dropped on a consistent basis.

Make sure to create a new coach when you join so we all start fresh.

I will try and get this made real quick before I bounce out to the bar.

Also.....these sliders are NOT permanent. If we come to the conclusion that they need some tweaking(and I'm sure we will once we realize that our O-Line is paper) we can make some adjustments.

I'm going to wait a bit longer to get more teams in to even up the conferences

Put me down for Rice

Bill Bonney wrote:

Put me down for Rice

White or brown? I prefer Pork Fried myself

You said it Pork Fried! From Ga everything is fried.

UGA is done

What say we on this? We've got 6 teams picked. I say let's get going.

If DS is gonna' join, he'll just pick a team very soon or grab one that isn't necessarily tied into the other human conferences unless he chooses one already in there.

I'll get that going here soon.

Are stronger teams still unavailable or how did we hash that out? I'd be interested in Baylor. I like the current sliders. Otherwise I'd have to see who else is available.

So we are all in the MAC.

The Lambert division: Temple, Rice, Colorado St.
The Schembechler division: CMU, WMU, Marshall

I gave the MAC champion an automatic bid to a BCS game because we are that damn good.

I'm guessing that I can't alter the regular season schedule so try and be pro-active when it comes to head to head games.

Looks like I get 4 to start.Ah well. We'll reorganize the conferences after season 1.

I need Zell's gamertag.

ZellbrigeN26 wrote:

After looking at some of the teams, I think we should exclude:

N. Illinois
Ole Miss
Southern Miss
Fresno State

All those teams are stacked powerhouses waiting for a human to come in and kick ass with them. Any objections to leaving them to the CPU?

DS, we agreed on these teams being unavailable. Otherwise 1 or 2* prestige teams are open in this dynasty.

The list of teams is here.

we ruled out teams like Baylor

Leroyog wrote:

we ruled out teams like Baylor

That's fine. I wasn't sure what the final word was. I wasn't taking them for RGIII but because I haven't played the game forever and have family connections to Baylor.

Let me get home after breakfast and try out Idaho and Central Michigan (Family ties again).

I actually took Central Michigan

Invitation accepted, Temple is ready to roll.

Colorado State is ready...

Leroyog wrote:

So we are all in the MAC. I need Zell's gamertag.

My gamertag is just Zellbrigen.

Western Michigan is ready.

Going to send the invite over in aboot 5 minutes Zell

edit... SENT

Thanks for thinking of me and giving me a chance to look this over, but I'm just not going to be into it, I don't think. Looking at the games I'm still playing (Dark Souls, BF3, Skyrim and many others) along with the ones I want to play, I can't say I'll get too excited about NCAA. Even with the improved sliders. The psychic DBs and other stuff just break it for me still. Sorry. Once again, thank you. And enjoy the season. Maybe NCAA 13.

Wish I had time to jump in to this with you, only getting random games in once in awhile against the computer. Been bouncing back in forth between sliders and AA vs Heisman, what's your current slider set your going to run with in this league?

Rice is ready

Are we all set? Zell, did you grab your team?

It says 6/6 ready on my Xbox...let's start!


Hopping on now.

Season is up and running.

Thread creator, want to edit that title and we'll just go from there?

bye week here....recruiting done...locked, cocked, ready to rock next week against the #19 team in the nation.

Western is ready to roll.

Colorado State wins 42-14 over Eastern Michigan. EMU is pretty awful without Coach Leroy.

No turnovers by either team. Not sure what that means...

We have one remaining game on the schedule for this week. Edit: Temple.

firesloth wrote:

Colorado State wins 42-14 over Eastern Michigan. EMU is pretty awful without Coach Leroy.

No turnovers by either team. Not sure what that means...

We have one remaining game on the schedule for this week. Edit: Temple.

Damn, I hate being the one holding up the works. I will get my game in tonight at some point. I wanted to play last night, but Emma was playing a game of "How loud can I scream". It was quite a fun night

Completely out of curiousity, what's the deadline for the league as far as getting games in?

I'm not sure we talked about it. Should we do 3 or 4 days when there are no HvH games (with flexibility for issues that come up) and +1 day when a HvH game is involved?

What say you, Commish?