BHA Raid week. 3/20-3/26

Just kidding, it's time for tough talk =)

So it's been a while since we've raided, right? Yeah.

And I'm not pointing any fingers here since I'm just as guilty as anyone else but we're having a really hard time scheduling 10 people and then getting those people to show.

So, with the power vested in me by... me, I'm calling it. At least for a couple weeks. I'll post something and we'll give April a shot.

And it's not because it takes me long to put these together, quite the opposite, I just don't want to have 7-8 people show up one night for people to cancel on them. I'd rather we just didn't bother than to have people set aside an evening to do this to find only heartbreak.

So we're done for March. If you disagree, please post. It isn't like I can make this call alone.

The funny thing here is that, as of tonight, IPP also stopped scheduling raids because they could never seem to get one together, either. So at least it's not just us. Maybe there's just a general sort of burnout with the genre going around.

I'm so upset we're not raiding I double posted!


See you in April, friends.

As of April 7th my Hockey season is OVER

Well...I head to Africa the first week of hopefully ya'll are back up and running when I get home in May

Gannon. I don't know if I've ever asked, but ... are you an arms dealer? What do you do?

I'm planning on coming back next week...give another body to the whole raid thing

PS I D/L the beta overnight last night (I was at 86 percent this morning). I assume it will be done by the time I get home tonight.... SOOoooo I may be lost for a bit exploring MoP.'

Drop me a line if you are in it so I can friend you up and hit some group stuff!

I imagine I will be in soon, Cheetz. I will ping you then.