RIFT Freebie Week 3/8/12 to 3/14/12 - Anyone Going Back?

All this month as part of their one-year anniversary, the folks at Trion are loading out the goodies. Even to slack-asses like us!

March 8th – March 14th
If you’ve ever had an active RIFT Subscription you’ll be able to access all your characters (yes, even those above level 20!) for a FULL WEEK to take part in the celebration. Remind your friends and family so they don’t miss this limited opportunity to experience everything new in RIFT!

Please Note: At the end of this return period any characters above level 20 will no longer be accessible without an active subscription. With RIFT Lite your level 20 or under characters are always available to play!

Anyone thinking of playing a bit over the next week? Are folks still playing in the GWJ guild? I'm very much a lowbie, but I always feel like I didn't give this game enough time.

Michael Zenke wrote:

but I always feel like I didn't give this game enough time.

That's interesting phrasing - as though you owe the game rather than the game owing you fun that makes you want to play it. My rule is that if the game doesn't draw me, then it a lower priority than something else that does, and Rift doesn't draw me back after my free month.

I logged back into Rift yesterday and realized that there really wasn't anything I wanted to do. I had a ton of fun leveling a character to 50, but once I got there I discovered I was just done. Rift has essentially the same end-game reputation and gear grind as every other MMO and that just doesn't hold my interest anymore.

It's not you, Rift. It's me.

Unrelated to the free weekend, which I missed, but I recently went back to RIFT and it's got its hooks into me at the moment. Don't know if it's because I haven't played a conventional MMO game in a while, but the dead-simple kill-loot-repeat gameplay is exactly what I need right now. It doesn't hurt that the game seems to be dead easy, at least up through level 26. Good, mindless times.

I've been playing the Lite version. I like the design because it's so streamlined, and they've included a lot of useful features right out of the box to noobs like me (the auto class builder, for example). But I haven't decided to commit yet to going the distance to 50.