WoW: The new scroll of res, free 80s and character faction/server transfers FREE UPGRADE TO CATA

krev82 wrote:

Damn, between the goodjer guild and this I'm almost tempted to try WoW again, especially since

[url wrote: do not need to select a character already on the account to receive the Scroll of Resurrection rewards.

(which would be good as I have no characters).

However I'm now so out of touch with this game I suspect I would be horridly lost with a level 80 toon.

I wouldn't worry too much - this is how everyone is after a new expansion or major patch when a bunch of mechanics get changed.
Basically the best thing to do is just jump in and start playing (if you're inclined to play that is) and learn by doing.

And you don't get a level 80 toon empty hand. They got a default green suit to start back out. I think it should be better than blues from LK.

For the newcomers (and long-time absentees):

A handy starting guide for each WoW spec, complete with suggested builds, rotations, stat priorities, glyphs and links to more pro guides.

Wowhead has good short guides to each Cata boss.

When my Ret Paladin was 80, before Cataclysm, Blizzard completely revamped all of his major abilities, and gave every Ret Paladin in the world exactly the kind of scenario that y'all are discussing.

'course, I quit shortly afterwards...

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone had a spare scroll they could send over to me. I have been interested in resubbing and a different level 80 toon that I have not had before sounds kinda fun. PM me for my email.

Thanks in advance!

Edit - Scroll received. Thanks a ton Kilanash!