Wakfu Catch All


Hey all, Back in 2005 I had a really old computer and I couldn't afford an upgrade to play WoW. Things were looking bleak until I discovered a little gem of a MMO called Dofus. It combined my love of tactical rpgs, MMOs and wonderful comic art. I played for more than a year even though I had bought a Warcraft capable pc durring that time.

Last week Ankama/Square Enix launched Wakfu, the sequel to Dofus. The art and animation has really grown into something unique and memorable and the game play has been tweaked and feels much smoother than the original while adding many new mechanics to get nerdy over

Alot of content is available for free but there is a subscription wall blocking the higher level zones. Fortunately the subscription fee is only 6 dollars a month so I think I can swing it.

Overall Wakfu is a fun and unique game and I'm hoping some friends from the GWJ will give it a chance.


Edit: Thank you Cyrax for reminding to post a link and for helping me embed the videos.

I'm game. I've had a lot more fun with the MMORPG-Like titles than the hardcore ones of late. And fun is good, right?

The subscription wall isn't a bad idea...it you want to do the higher level zones, at that point you're presumably invested enough so that a small fee per month isn't a burden.

I really enjoyed my limited time with Dofus years ago, so I'll get this a try. Embed Youtube works like so:

Oh, and a link to their site might be nice.

Holy hell it looks like Bastion, in a good way.

I like what I'm seeing.

Edit: Downloaded, signed up and played a few battles. Will have to put some time into this when I'm not so tired. Very cool looking world.

Dofus is still around, right? Wondering why they released a sequel to it when the user base hasn't dried up. Not that I'm complaining, it's just strange.

Interesting enough that I signed up this morning. Of course, needed to install/patch/blahblahblah so I didn't get to play, but maybe tonight.

I never played Dofus but have been casually watching information about Wakfu with some interest.
Actually it feels like more people should be talking about this here.
It looks like the game systems are really complex and deep.
Unfortunately it doesn't feel very accessible.
While the beginning of the game does include a short simple tutorial, it doesn't cover most of the systems or UI.
Actually the game might be a bit too complex and opaque for me but still looks really interesting and unique, and I really love the art style.
I am looking for better introductory videos, so if anyone wants to recommend any, please do.
Most videos I find aren't very good, as in clear and informative.
I also haven't seen any video's talk about the game past the beginning.

Tried this out over the weekend and ended up subscribing for 3 months.

Essentially the Free to play areas are about levels 1 - 10/15. It stops when you need to pick a citizenship (4 to choose from).

Not sure how I feel about the game yet, but the combat is really fun and if you want to talk about complex character builds, this game has it in spades. It does take a while to get into as everything is not spelled out and the character builds really do require in depth analysis but its so damn fun. All combat is turn based.

I'm playing a Sadida which is a Plant Summoner class. I summon a seed and based on which spell I cast into it (Water/Earth/Air) I will summon a different creature each are unique in what they do. All spells can be leveled up to 100 and there are 5 schools of spells/ablities with 5 spells each. In addition each class has 2 defining schools specific to their class. And there are 12 classes in total so game play is VERY different. Trust me on this, its not a tank/heal/dps thing.

Yeah, I liked the way the classes were designed -- I settled on Feca, a shield based class that can either drop shields on people or on tiles. I really like the mechanics in theory, but somehow it just didn't get its hooks in me. I don't know if it's the fact that every upgrade to everything is just SO incremental, or the idea that there's no respeccing, so anything I do is potentially hamstringing my character for life (yes, I know this is my hang-up and not a shortcoming of the game), but I just didn't get that usual feeling of "Oh man, got to get to the next level!" that I usually do from MMOs.

I played it for a little bit, but ended up resubbing to RIFT for a month instead of paying for three months on Wakfu. We'll see though, I'm going on a business trip tomorrow and Wakfu runs natively on my Linux laptop, as opposed to RIFT which barely runs at all under Wine.

I registered, probably will check this out tonight sometime.

Is there a server we'll be populating that I need to know about?

Edit: Started on the North American server, assuming most of you did as well. Apparently you eventually pick an in-game nation to join, and that limits the people you can join groups with.

What got me to check this game out a couple weeks ago was internet talk of it actually being a sandbox game. It was absolutely beautiful and the combat was at least interesting. My main problem was that I could not find a single human in the hour or two that I played. Very sad, but I'm willing to check back in with it.

So, huh, this game is pretty rad. Having a hard time deciding between the archer or time-mage.

Gonna definitely put time into this as I can.

I love that the combat isn't straight forward. There actually is some thought and experimenting required.

Each class is quite unique. I'm playing Sadida (Plant summoner) right now but thinking about Xelor (Time Mage) and the Sram (assassin) which has an invisibility element in its build.

I only played the Plant Summoner and only briefly, but the way its summon worked was certainly interesting. Reinstalling the game since I had to wipe my HDD recently.

Kinda bummed out, my current internet connection isn't good enough to play anything online, and I really wanted to put some time into Wakfu.

Hope somebody is still playing when I can again in two weeks.

It appears the game is getting a re-launch soon into a F2P game, which to me is what it probably always should've been.

Regardless, perhaps it's time to give this another look.

It's also gonna be on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/21...

Going on Steam is always a good idea. I played wakfu a few years ago, it was enjoyable but never got very far.

Also I remember battles were tough in that game if you went solo.

Hey folks, should I get into this game or Tree of Savior?

Hey folks, should I get into this game or Tree of Savior?