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Here's the thing though. Unity has now shown they are willing and able to retroactively change the EULA and licensing terms for software shipped and built with past versions of Unity. That's a huge risk. Anyone considering Unity for future development should take a hard look at that and compare it to other options.

All the current hubbub aside, that's a bad thing. Doesn't matter where they land this round.

You're building a house and Home Depot decides actually, your materials cost twice what you paid.
Do you immediately tear down your house and start over with materials from Lowes or take a break to figure out 1, are they actually doing this? and 2, is that even legal?

They've absolutely shown they're a sh*t self-sabotaging company, which apparently all the rage these days, and I wouldnt dream of starting a new project on Unity, but its not a sunk-cost fallacy to consider all the work that has already been put into a project. You can't just switch. Even upgrading engine versions can be a months long hassle.

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Me and my friend are making card dungeon 2 and we are not quite sure what to think of all this. Since we cant afford the pro version and the new system fn heinous, I think we’ll be moving to something else. It sucks since we have a ton of money and experience sunk in to unity.

Would the new system actually impact you?

Oh, I doubt it. CD1 sold about 40k over all platforms, so we wouldnt hit their threshhold, but we are not very far into the development of 2 that switching away from unity wouldnt be a year long project. But as others has stated its not so much about if we get affected its the trajectory of the company that worries us and their willingness to screw over developers to push them into creating ad based titles. Especially considering that people already saw the unity splash screen and went “eww” and now double so.

This reminds me a lot of the dungeons and dragons licensing snafu. One person I watched mentioned they talked to their lawyers about what it would take to fight it. And paraphrasing, it would take over a million dollars and be a fifty fifty coin flip on who'd win.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is similar. For a small developer going to court over this is a non starter. Better to cut the cord if possible.

Also an aside learning that most publishers/developers have a horrible track record paying voice actors was saddening. Apparently quite common to hire them and just not pay them afterwards. Unless they need them again.

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Rami Ismail lays out all the astonishing/disastrous ramifications (pun not intended) of the Unity debacle. Excellent listen. Very clear.

It starts about 48 minutes in.

This was a great listen, thank you.


Higgledy wrote:

Rami Ismail lays out all the astonishing/disastrous ramifications (pun not intended) of the Unity debacle. Excellent listen. Very clear.

It starts about 48 minutes in.


This was a great listen, thank you.

That was good. When they start talking about how unreal charges fees. Just taking a percentage of revenue over a million. Like that sounds reasonable, why not just do that, unity? Nope, greed mixed with stupidity made this decision.

Okay more relevant to the thread. Desynced is a cool factorio like. Still early but what I played was quite fun. Has a unique programming mechanic in it as well. Fun and worth keeping an eye on.

Is it made with Unity?

Desynced uses Unreal Engine 4 according to Google, and I do not see the Unity fingerprints in the game files.

It's a fun Factorio-like and the programming is a lot to get your head around, but a nice addition to the genre. I also appreciate being able to design my own bots and buildings.

Paradox have to be soiling themselves, and maybe hiring a few more lawyers...

I thought this was a good video:

Bloomberg report today

Unity overhauls controversial price hike after game developers revolt

Spoiler: It still sucks. “ Although the company first said it would use proprietary tools, Whitten said Monday management will rely on users to self-report the data.”

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I thought this was a good video:

Am not a dev, but "while the basic functions of the engine remain borderline nonfunctional or nonfunctional entirely" seems hyperbolic since 2/3 of released games use Unity?

Hey silver lining for gamers overall from the Unity debacle:

“Just days before launch, Unity fee forces Sims-like house sim to cut free-to-play plans and start charging $20” https://www.gamesradar.com/just-days...

Maybe more studios will create real games and stop producing F2P MTX BS?

You dont go from free to $20 based on a few cents per install. If it were me, I'd probably go for the headline grab too though. game dev is hard yall.

Rami is at it again. I’m learning new things.