Upcoming Indie Games to Keep an Eye On

Agreed. Looks excellent!

Aaron D. wrote:


Oh hell yeah.

Day One.

-Return to the city of Nivalis to explore new areas and meet new characters.
-Play through a brand new, fully-voiced campaign as long and as compelling as the base game.

Oh my.

Day Zero!

Welp, time to finish the original campaign.

Veloxi wrote:

Welp, time to finish the original campaign.

What's funny is for how low key the game setup & structure is, Blade Runner taxi service...and I love it for that, the end-game narrative really goes places thematically & emotionally.

Stuck with me far more than I might have imagined.

Set in a series of procedurally-generated labyrinths, Loot River is a dungeon-crawling action-roguelike that combines the tense, real-time combat and dark fantasy stylings of dark souls with the spatial block-shifting puzzles of Tetris.

Tetris Souls people! Hopefully this comes to Game Pass.

I think this is considered indie? It's on PC and the closest I'll get to playing animal crossing. Played a little and enjoyed it. Love the look. It is time gated like animal crossing though.

Time gated, but from what I read it doesn’t try to guilt you if you miss days.