Upcoming Indie Games to Keep an Eye On

Me thinks their art director deserves a raise.

cyrax wrote:

When the guy enters the scene at 0:18, I had a flashback of Weird Ed Edison from Day of the Tentacle.


cyrax wrote:

Me thinks their art director deserves a raise.

That's awesome. It's like Diablo meets Viewtiful Joe.

jamos5 wrote:

That's awesome. It's like Diablo meets Viewtiful Joe.

Oh, nice call! That was probably my favorite new series of last gen.

I'm going to Disneyland!

Cool. I liked the first one and it looks like they're adding in a couple new things to keep it fresh, just like a puzzle game sequel needs.

cyrax wrote:

Me thinks their art director deserves a raise.

It's the same studio that did ilomilo. They've got visual talent in spades.

Huh, wonder how they came across doing a deal with the Sacred/Deep Silver guys. Regardless of the name, the game looks amazing.

Sequels to Knytt and Really Big Sky coming free to PS+ subscribers.


New details coming at Gamescon, starting Aug 19th.

Oohhh, I loooved Really Big Sky. Time to get a PS+ account, mayhaps...

Blackreef Pirates: "a single-player adventure RPG (for PC, Mac and iPad) set in a unique fantasy world full of treasure maps, wild beasts... and of course rum!"

Latest video, introducing the fort city:

I sure would love a really gritty pirate game. Has one ever been made? I'm thinking N.C. Wyeth/Treasure Island style.


Expeditions: Conquistador (Kickstarter):

- Engaging and intricately branching storyline with difficult decisions and long-term consequences.
- A gallery of unique expedition members who chime in during events & conversations and react to your decisions – pay attention to their morale or you may have to deal with mutiny!
- Random events that throw you into danger, present unexpected opportunities, and build relationships with the members of your expedition.
- High replayability – dynamic endings reflect decisions you’ve made throughout the story, how much gold you bring with you back to Spain, and how many expedition members you’ve lost (or gained!) along the way.
- Detailed and tactical combat – make use of flanking, traps & barricades, attacks of opportunity, interrupts, cover & concealment, character abilities, and more.
- Character management – unlock special abilities by promoting your expedition members, assign equipment to your troops, and treat injured or sick characters with a triage system.
- Dynamic trading system – barter with different merchants and buy & sell resources based on local market conditions.
- Campaign maps based on actual topological maps of the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Didn't see this anywhere, and I'm not sure it would be considered upcoming, as it's already out and free to download.
If you like jet set radio, you are going to like this. It absurd, fun, and has a little minigame that is stupidly addictive within it. Just beat it, totally recommend it.


They website with download link.

Wow, that looks insanely good. Don't know when I'll have time to play it though, this week is really packed with new releases.

Speaking of which:

Asylum - a horror adventure game from Senscape.

Fract's still looking good.

From the game's official site:

Harold is a singleplayer sidescrolling platformer with an emphasis on the high quality, hand-drawn style of classic animated films. You play as Gabe, the guardian angel responsible for guiding Harold through the multiple paths of each map, constantly saving your human charge from imminent death by manipulating obstacles in different environments. To edge out the other runners and prove your angelic abilities you’ll need every ounce of cunning and foresight you can muster, because your greatest hindrance is the oafish clumsiness of Harold himself

That looks like a video game. Fun.

Hmm, is a game a "platformer" if you don't control the character's movement directly?

garion333 wrote:

Hmm, is a game a "platformer" if you don't control the character's movement directly?


cyrax wrote:

Kick Beat Gameplay Trailer

Combining violence and dancing! Good? Bad? I am not sure but I wonder why.

This makes me so joyous.

Now go support them on Greenlight.

Haven't play the mod? Rectify that now. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and you'll thank me for it. If not, oh well, it was only a few minutes!

(Oh, I've got a car now! Man, time flies too fast.)

I still contend that The Stanley Parable is one of the more important recent works. Really looking forward to whatever the HD version turns out to be.

For people who like 16-bit RPGs

While you're waiting for Spelunky to come to PC, have a look at this.


Prison Architect (alpha) is now available for purchase. Starts at $30.

This looks promising.


The music in the demo is quite good.

Little Inferno has a release date on Wii U (eShop) and PC: Nov. 18th, aka Wii U launch. I already pre-ordered the game way back in July. Just because I could. Gabler, Gray and Blomquist? How could I not?