I suck with the stealth ship and am good with the Engi ship. Probably just play style.

All of the difficulties I have with the game come down to crew control. Unless something crazy is going on and you need to jump out in the middle of combat. There is ALWAYS a checklist of pre-jump things to do, and it gets VERY VERY tedious to repeatedly do everything with the mouse alone. So here is what I would like:

- The ability to save a set of crew names instead of entering them every time.
- Hitting the rename button blanks out the existing name so that you don't have to clear it with backspace .

- The ability to group crewmembers together RTS style so that clicking on one will select them all and linking them to a hotkey to select them faster.
- The ability to reorganize the list of crewmembers.
- The ability to assign a crewmember to a "duty station". A specific room of the ship that they will return to if you hit a "crew man stations" button. This makes it less tedious to return all crew to their positions before each jump. This would also give them a title if the room can be manned. Helmsman, Chief Enginner, Weapons officer etc.
- When clicking on a room to direct a single crewman around, the specific tile you click on is where he will stand. If someone is occupying that tile they will move and allow the new man to replace them.
- Crewmen who are NOT assigned to a specific station in this way are more likely to die in away missions.
- Assigned crew get priority for the control consoles. If your chief engineer enters the engine room and another crewman is manning the station. That crewman will GET OFF the station and allow the chief to replace him.
- A "heal crew" button that sends all wounded crew to the medbay. If the medbay is full they will wait outside. Once healed the crew will go back to wherever they were when the order was given.

Another thing I would like to see is a ring drawn around any system you hover over on the jump map. This rings shows all of the systems you can reach if you were in that system. The game REALLY needs this because it's almost impossible to plan out future jumps if you don't know what connects to what. I've gotten stuck in corners more than once.

EDIT: Also when doors are orange and an enemy crewmember stands under one. their red health bar is impossible to read.

I love this game, but it eventually turns on my rage quit button and I have to take a break. Definitely not a marathon kind of game.

It just hit me (not sure if previously mentioned anywhere), but imagine if FTL replaced the space exploration stage in Spore and from there, imagine if all of the Spore stages were as good as FTL. That would (or could) have been amazing.

Or am I the only one who played Spore to completion..?


Malor wrote:

The difficulty curve is insane in this game, and needs adjustment. That last boss is overpowered beyond reason.

If this were Nethack, you'd start at level 1, you'd have five minutes per level, and an inescapable Asmodeus would be on Level 10.

On easy mode, I think it depends a lot on what kind of upgrades you manage to pick up along the way. In the idle thumbs twitch tv stream I linked earlier, Chris made it look pretty easy. I remember there was some random tip about expending resources to take out certain systems in the first appearance of the boss not being a good idea because they get replaced when it comes back for round 2, but that certain other systems don't come back so you ought to prioritize those ones. (He was playing on easy).

Of course, since I've gotten the game, I haven't made it to the boss, so I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I just need to weep. I had the most magnificent vessel, beautiful, just beautiful. Super powerful (6 weapon power, running the burst laser mark II and the really really awesome 4 power, 3 damage beam) and I had finally been able to afford the augmentation that has your weapons charged when you come out of warp. Jump in, salvo from hell, finish the off if they are still alive.

I was doing so well, in fact, that I spent lots of scrap I really didn't want to just to get all of the extra systems for the achievement (and new layout). Probably wouldn't have made a difference, but it's impossible to say.

I'm still not entirely sure how it all went wrong. I know I got complacent, because I really can't remember that moment when I realized I had lost control. I just remember fighting off boarders, huge Breach Missiles coming in and shutting down my all-important systems, oxygen leaving, asteroids coming.

Being forced to abandon the cockpit sealed the deal, I had at least a 35% evasion bonus that vanished. My Defense MkII drone would have been invaluable against the breach systems, but it was one of the first to go. No one died, though it took a lot of juggling with more than a third of my ship out of air. My captain and one of his shipmates held their breath far longer than they thought they could to repair the breach in the cockpit, then fell back to the med room. My Engie led another team to repair the O2 rooms, while the rest of the crew held the center of the ship with the Weapon and Shield rooms.

The sensors where down, but when the Captain was healed he simply had to trust that oxygen had been restored to the Cockpit, he crossed two rooms of vacuum to return to his chair where he renewed his evasive maneuvers. The Weapons room was a prize target for the enemy, and they were unable to maintain full power to fire the Glaive beam, but they could consistently power both the burst laser and the Breach II Bomb teleporter, so they began making their own holes in the enemy ship.

Two bombs in a row were sent to the alien shield room, destroying it. Between our lasers and the asteroids their death was swift after that. At that point it was simple, even the damaged shields were more than enough to hold off the Asteroid field, and repairing them fully became the highest priority. Then the crew was shifted out to match up the many, many holes in the ship.

They survived, but barely. The ship was in dire need of repairs, and in the next system there was just another enemy that finished them off instead.

Mr. Crinkle wrote:

Cloaked to avoid the first big barrage, then got my muffin buttered 30 seconds later by endless beam and droid pummelings while my cloak was down.

"got my muffin buttered" is my favorite line of the day.

PHEW. Just picked up the "repair a kestrel up all the way from 1hp" achievement.

Boarding parties are fun and educational. Well, unless you're on the receiving end, and then you have to keep them away from the oxygen system at all costs.

Had my best run in a Kestral so far. Victorious, score 4116 on Easy. I picked up two salvage arms in the beginning and the scrap was rolling in. By the time it was over I very nearly ran out of things to upgrade on the ship.

Heavy lasers are BOSS. When you compare them to weapons like burst lasers they don't seem to stack up. But heavy lasers have a much higher chance of starting fires, and unlike small lasers they can cause hull breaches! Makes a big difference. The downside is that a 2-damage heavy laser bolt will still only knock off one point of shields.

this game is punishing. awesome

Blondish83 wrote:

I love this game, but it eventually turns on my rage quit button and I have to take a break. Definitely not a marathon kind of game. :)

Unless you're like me and like playing roguelikes for hours on end.

Man, first time I've run out of fuel.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

Man, first time I've run out of fuel.

That happened to me once and I clicked the wait button only to get attacked and then rewarded with like 3 fuel.

I've started naming my guys after their Star Trek counterparts, which makes it much easier to remember who is supposed to man the helm and who is on engines.

After reading a suggestion upthread, I've just started calling them Pilot, Gunner, and Engines.

Just had an amazing Engi run. Unlocked three ships in one run -- the Shadow Cruiser, the Federated Cruiser, and the Zoltan Cruiser -- basically, all three ships in the middle column. It got a little dicey in the midgame a couple times, because I was desperate for good drones, and was saving so much money for stores that my ship was weakish, despite


having two(!) Ion Cannon IIs.

I was really pissed at the game when I got to the last sector and hadn't seen a drone for sale for many sectors. All I had was the starting drone. But, fortunately, the very last store, one that was actually in the final sector, had a


Defense Drone 2 and a Beam Drone,

and those ended up being enough to take out the end boss.

By the way, I think I've finally figured out what beam drones are for. They do the same amount of damage (1) as the Anti-Ship 1 drone, but are completely stopped by shields, where the regular drone knocks them down 1 notch. But, if the beam gets through, it seems to start fires.


There were blazes all over the boss. Pretty satisfying seeing him go down in actual flames.

Most of the time, you want Anti-Ship 1 (or 2 -- I've never seen a 3), but if you've got shields handled, the beam drone is nicely evil.

edit to add some spoiler tags, to move specific weapons out of casual reading. You may have more fun figuring it out on your own.

The save file format (\My Documents\My Games\FasterThanLight) seems like a very straight-forward format, and it should be easy enough with a hex editor to edit crew names, though I haven't yet tried it yet.

I prefer "Mav" for my pilot, "Goose" for the engine operator, and "Weps" for, well, weapons.

Needs to happen: Spelljammer mod

Mr Crinkle wrote:

I prefer "Mav" for my pilot, "Goose" for the engine operator, and "Weps" for, well, weapons.

I used Slider for weapons.
Iceman normally takes the drones.

Engi ship

Joker = pilot
Tali = Egines
Legion = weapons (the kind of look like geth)

OMG, I step away for one day and... 130 NEW posts!

I think I need to start saving those early scrap. I'm usually broke when I get to any stores, and those starter weapons start to no "cut it" later on.

Few! My first Stealth Ship playthrough (easy) and it has been a long, long time since my last shop. Only 3 Hull points left, and only 2 fuel, I barely made it. Luckily I have been saving up this whole time, 552 scrap stored right now. I hope it's a weapons shop, I'm still at my two starting weapons (Dual Laser and Mini Beam, and the sole found weapon isn't much better (Hull Laser I). I need some good bombs or something!

BAH! Heal bomb and a Burst Laser Mk1, useless!

Edit, bah, healed and fueled up, but kept 470 Scrap in hopes of finding another shop later and died in the next system. I know that was an extreme example and I could have upgraded my ship a lot more instead and lived on, but it seems like the thing that screws me every single time is not finding any weapon shops, and the ones I do find having crummy stock.

In my last game I didn't find a single weapon shop until the 5th system, and once again that was only a modest improvement.

Just beat the game for the first time. I came close before. First time I ran into the endgame I was toast, as I had very little firepower, mostly defense. Second time I should have one, but I got screwed over. Couldn't repair at the very end and even though I had way more firepower I was toast.

The third time though: Engi build with three attack drones, heavy laser mark 2, an emp bomb , and the default emp gun. I also had a large crew. I rocked that sucker, it wasn't even close. Did repair once but probable could have won without. Felt great. Really though the game made me realize its firepower over everything. The more damange you can dish out and the faster the better. Oh and probable one emp gun for the shields.

Engi ship is still my favorite. The healing is great and while it's attack power is weak if you find/buy any more it can be beastly. Fun game, a little repetitive but very clever and unique.

This game is addictive. It's like Civ, but with punishment.

So far, loving it. for a 10$, I'm surprise.

Sooo...rock people, how to deal with them? Ended the game 2 times in a row with them boarding my ship.


Wink_and_the_Gun wrote:

OMG, I step away for one day and... 130 NEW posts!

I think I need to start saving those early scrap. I'm usually broke when I get to any stores, and those starter weapons start to no "cut it" later on.

Depends on the ship. The power of the weapons isn't as important as maxing our your weapon slots. The last time I beat the end boss with the Kestrel I did it with 2 burst laser IIs, a heavy laser II and the artemis launcher. Total power = 8. Low power weapons are useful because you can fit more of them. Every time I play the Kestrel I NEVER replace the artemis launcher, it doesn't do much damage but recharges quickly and is the weakest weapon that still pierces shields and only takes 1 power. By utility alone it is hard to beat!

So, in the fine and ancient tradition of roguelikes,


I won my first game (easy) by savescumming. : )

Really got bad luck on this game with offensive weapons. Used an ion bomb launcher with barely any missiles to take down the boss' heavy shields.

Originally, Tanglebones was my pilot, NSMike was my shield guy, and RNG was weapons, but RNG died early. The other two lived to the end.

Quintin_Stone wrote:

So, in the fine and ancient tradition of roguelikes,


I won my first game (easy) by savescumming. : )