Interesting Kickstarter Catch-All

I know enough not to invest in hardware Kickstarters. I'll wait for release (if it happens), and see what it is like then.

I'm not sure how many would be interested, but Smonex is running a Kickstarter for a gorgeous wooden location map and I thought I would share it:
There are some early bird prices left for the Medium Size (which is what I backed, plus monster health trackers).


This isn't Smonex's first kickstarter, I backed their first one for role playing game drink coasters with little trays for dice (which I have received) and they came out really nice.

Edit: It was just cancelled, Smonex didn't get permission from Cephalofair Games to use the map art before launching their Kickstarter.

You'd think that would be the first step before asking people for money.

Hey here's a cool project you should all definitely support! and not just because it would mean i could get my first map printed in a physical product which would exist and be owned by more than one person!

The Great Goblin Grow-Off is a game of luck, strategy, and cannabis for 2-6+ players ages 18+. Players begin by choosing three strains to grow, and then take turns drawing from the deck to determine the fate of their plants. Whoever's bud reaches 5 stars first is the winner! Inside the deck are cards that can reward—or remove—stars, as well as tricks that allow you to sabotage other players(or avoid being sabotaged)! Variant rules for larger groups and a variety of game times are also included.

As a bonus, backers will also receive a PDF copy of a TTRPG setting guide that introduces the city and characters responsible for The Great Goblin Grow-Off. This city can be used in any system, and includes modifications to help it fit in almost any setting. Softcover, digest sized books are also available exclusively to backers until 2022!



Hey, moving into the boardgame world! Nice! That goblin looks excellent.

I'm pretty heavy into the boardgame hobby, and I'll say your art is easily better than a lot of what is out there in published games. Might continue exploring that avenue!

I just did the map for the Setting, Goblins are someone else

Did I say goblin? I meant map.

Root’s next expansion just launched on KS. Unlike CMON and other companies that use KS to build hype and stretch goals so you can get a bunch of plastic and not a whole lot of game, Leder uses KS without stretch goals and to tailor their production numbers better to demand than using just traditional retail. Great game system, I’ve been satisfied with their past KS launches, and this seems to have a lot of content. There’s a bunch of discussion of it on its BGG page if you need previews and whatnot.