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Follow-up about the Root Expansion Kickstarter which ended a few days ago, here's part of an update on Late Pledges and upgrading pledges from a moment ago:

I missed the Kickstarter--Can I still late pledge?

Yes! Late pledges will be entitled to the same Kickstarter extras as long as the Underworld expansion is part of your pledge.

Can I upgrade from the $1 pledge level (or another pledge level) to a higher one?

Yes! We'll post a how-to with screencaps next week on how you can upgrade your pledge to a higher level.

So, a little under So, 12 hours left in the Critical Role Animated Series Kickstarter. Currently over 10.6M and 81K of backers. Very close to top 5 all time in $$ and 6K backers away from that category. Close to $800K/episode from a budget standpoint. They decided not to add any stretch goals past the last $8.8M one so all additional money is going towards the quality of the animation. For comparison, South Park is around $1M/episode, Family Guy and the Simpsons are in the $1M - $2M range, with the Nick shows $600K to $700K.

Apparently, Joel Hodgson from MST2K is joining them for their campaign end after-party tonight following their show.

As to quality, I feel pretty good, especially based on their other projects. For their second season of the comic on Dark Horse, they got a team of pretty great (and award winning) folks. Fiona Staples (Saga and many others) did the cover art and Jody Houser is doing the writing.

They did have a secret stretch goal that if they topped 10M, Travis Willingham, the big guy, would agree to be filmed going through a haunted house. The man has been visibly (and comically) disturbed during scary parts of the campaign, and has notoriously freaked out and quit every time they convinced him to try haunted houses in the past. I'm looking forward to that.

For reference!

This was from two years ago.

Ok, this is a Patreon project and not a Kickstarter, but I'm thinking that the company is using the wrong site:

Ok, I'm now a bit weirded out by the moves this week by Greenheart Games....

Greenheart Games's first game was Game Dev Tycoon, a good, solid business sim for PC and mobile. It received a ton of press and additional sales after the dev blogged in detail about guerilla-releasing a free version in which players would see their revenues drop to nothing because of piracy. I enjoyed it a lot and have been following the company since.

The second game, in development, is Tavern Keeper, website here: Today the company announced a Patreon which like Kickstarter tiers has different tiers of how much you support the project, and provides different levels of access to the dev. But becoming a Patreon backer itself doesn't give access to the game!

I want to support the project and game, but this kind of setup doesn't sit well with me. If it was a company I was truly invested in and trusted to produce great game after great game (or podcast), maybe I'd have no reservations. But for $2 or $5 or $20 per month with no release date and no game key from doing it....why should I think this is a good development model to support as a customer? I may chip in but will likely just wait for more solid news of the game.

Note that the company disputes that the Patreon is necessary to fund development, but that is a weird hair to split:

No, we are fortunate that the development budget and plans of Tavern Keeper are not reliant on crowd-funding. We didn't start this Patreon to help finish the game financially but to have more drive to share our progress with those interested. Funds from the Patreon will be used to create more materials, merchandise designs and other experiments around the game.


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Vampire the Masquerade Heritage

Seems like a game with options for a continuing campaign (almost Legacy-like). I'm intrigued, but not sure I want to drop the cash right now.

Last Epoch just went into beta. It is $35 for beta access.
It looks like a really good mix of Grim Dawn, Diablo 3 and Path of Exile.
Crafting and skill modification look really good.

fangblackbone wrote:

Last Epoch just went into beta. It is $35 for beta access.
It looks like a really good mix of Grim Dawn, Diablo 3 and Path of Exile.
Crafting and skill modification look really good.

Yup, created a Catch All for the game. Its got its hooks into me. It is rough around the edges, but it could be something special.