Interesting Kickstarter Catch-All

fangblackbone wrote:

I am thinking I need to cash in on one of these miniature board game crazes. Some of these things are raking in 2, 3, 4 million dollars!
I wonder if people would buy in if I just had themed miniatures for use in other board games? (I could design one but it seems like that path is well tread)

Those mini-heavy board games seem to rake in a lot of money, but may not be actually making that much profit.

CMON, who is pretty much the top of that list, lost over $4 million last year

yeah i've always thought that those mini heavy deluxe board games have always been a bit of a risk, financially. One unexpected delay or manufacturing issue and all kinds of problems happen.

These days i tend to back either small box games (mostly card games) or RPG sourcebooks/supplements (and those i normally back at the PDF level unless they are UK or Euro based because of the shipping costs).

Pretty sure that all Trans* graphic novel I backed over a year ago has pretty much screwed the pooch and abandoned their kickstarter backers. Despite claims that all the books were being processed a few months back, there's been no sign of it so far outside of the US (at least going by the other people leaving comments). Also they've not updated in about 3 months and PM's are going unanswered (despite the kickstarter author very clearly logging in to facebook on a regular basis).

I'm generally not one of those people who chases up things constantly until delivered, but they are severely pushing my patience, given that I could easily order a copy online for purchase directly from their store right now anyway, and it's been available in US bookshops for quite some time now.

OH WELL, that's only slightly extremely disappointing. I was looking forward to that.

I was weak. I backed Tainted Grail. I don't solo my games, but I just may solo this one.

Nevin73 wrote:

I was weak. I backed Tainted Grail. I don't solo my games, but I just may solo this one.

I backed it for $1. Not sure whether I'm going to come back and fully back it or not.

So there used to be an amazing virtual LAN program called Evolve. It made playing any game that supported LAN so super simple to play online. Better than either Hamachi or GameRanger.

Evolve got bought by, which incorporated their game tracking portion of Evolve, but not the VLAN. So the Evolve folks are now trying to crowdfund their new VLAN venture, called Bowstring, on Kickstarter.

Evolve was so amazing I've totally backed this. I want it so I can easily play stuff like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter or Starlancer easily. I implore you to check it out if it sounds interesting to you. Thanks!