Syndicate Catch-All

SallyNasty wrote:

I am open Monday Wednesday or Thursday after 9 central. Very excited!

Any of those work for me. We should try running through some stuff on normal tomorrow to get you some abilities and weapon experience, even if nobody else can play til later in the week.

Alright, I'm in for tomorrow night then. Two of us to help out is a good idea, so one can make up for the gaps in the other's remembered-in-the-moment info (stuff like "you only need visual contact to initiate a breach/heal").

Psh, no gaps here. Stop projecting

Ooh - I can make it tomorrow as well, I believe.

Cool - confirmed for a test run tomorrow, with hopefully some elite difficulty action to follow later in the week.

That's a four-count - huzzah!

SallyNasty and 4dSwissCheese - you should accept the friend requests I just submitted over XBL so I can invite you to join our Syndicate (StanliTech).

With four and two experienced we can play on hard to start, I think. However...

SallyNasty wrote:

hopefully some elite difficulty action to follow later in the week. gut tells me you might be getting a little ahead of yourself there. While skill can get you far in Syndicate, there are abilities that just take time to unlock that make Elite bearable.

Is this PS3 or 260?

EverythingsTentative wrote:

Is this PS3 or 260?

I don't know why anyone would own a 260, inferior rubbish!

Well, the game's on both of those platforms as well as PC, but us StanliTech obsessives are on the 360 for this one.

I've got it for PS3 is and it didn't seem to catch on that well. Only after about 2 months it was hard to find a room with anyone in it.

There are still public matches on XBL, though they tend to be full of people who aren't actually interested in playing the co-op mode cooperatively. The stagnation of the game is much more visible by the fact that StanliTech still ranks somewhere under 300 on the leaderboard of syndicates despite the fact that we have only played it a couple times since the first month it was out.

It's a shame. [Previous horse-floggery re:a strong desire for DLC and EA-critical remarks go here.]

Well, I am definitely excited to put some time in with it. Just finally got my daughters on a sleep schedule that allows for regular cooperative play.

I'm up for Wednesday or Thursday I believe. Finally got the gear setup in the new place. If people want to do some runs then, let me know and I'm in!

I find time to be online most weeknights. I'll be around as a sub...

Maclintok, you may want to jump in tonight, then. My 360 is having optical drive issues all of a sudden (the open tray error) and I might not be able to play this evening.

EDIT: After further inspection and investigation, I need a new optical drive. Worse yet, I've discovered there's a teeny-tiny crack in the Syndicate game disc right by the center hole. As a result, even when I can reliably play games on disc again, I won't be back in Syndicate until I score a copy on the extreme cheap.

You might be able to play with that crack. My copy of Gears of War 2 is absolutely busted around the clear plastic and still plays fine-ish.

Really enjoyed tonight! Thanks, Blind and 4d. Will be on a bit later tomorrow, but am basically down for the foreseeable future.

Drats. Logged on a bit late and was checking out some Netflix with the future missus before catching ianunderhill's xbox message. Well I still got a couple other days this week to get with the program

Sorry I didn't respond to invites. I kept getting notification popups over dialogue choices in Walking Dead so I disabled them while I was playing it. I'll be up for more later this week if people want.

I'm out for tonight. Forgot I had a previous social commitment. I should be good for Wednesday, though.

I will plan on wednesday at 9 - should be available tonight after 930ish. Maybe earlier. Have a work dinner, not sure when will be done.

I'll be on for a bit tonight as well. Will be working at that final boss battle. Otherwise should be good for a MP game or two.

The final boss fight is just... wow.... just so bad. I sometimes feel it should be mandatory for designers to go through Boss Design School or something.

Anyone up for some more tonight around 9-915?

I can be on around 10C after DDO.

I love how the co-op missions are pretty short. Fun game last night, 4d - thanks. Anyone up for more tonight?

We're going to my Mom's for dinner but I hopefully won't be back late. I'll totally login when I get back and see if people are on. If you see me, I'm up for Syndicate!

Parallax Abstraction wrote:

We're going to my Mom's for dinner but I hopefully won't be back late. I'll totally login when I get back and see if people are on. If you see me, I'm up for Syndicate!

Cool beans - Blind said he was up as well.

GF is out of town for the weekend, so I will likely be on as well.