Syndicate Catch-All

ianunderhill wrote:

I still haven't managed to get sucked into the campaign, but I will say those couple weeks of constant multiplayer right after release count among some of the most fun I've ever had in a FPS.

It's been a really slow burn for me as well, obviously. I was too wrapped up in the greatness of the co-op just the same, and while I feel the campaign is really good, nicely paced, and uses the same buttery-smooth combat mechanics, there's just something missing compared to the multiplayer. Being that I put probably 25 hours into MP, I'm okay with the fact that the campaign on hard will probably end up taking me 7-8 hours (to my suprise, I'm on milestone 17 of 20. Sometimes a 12 hour FPS feels like it's overstaying its welcome.

I'd attribute the "missing" component to it just not being a stellar SP experience. There's way too much scripted/on-rails stuff that robs the game of momentum and intensity - it's the same thing that makes me find the campaign modes in games like Call of Duty to be kinda bland. MP, on the other hand, has a ton of variety to it on the harder difficulty levels, and makes great use of not only cooperative mechanics, but exploiting the variables presented by four players with different loadouts and play styles. Even though the missions are heavily scripted, the moments where things actually pause don't last forever or involve lengthy cutscenes and so there's no momentum pulled out from under the player expereince. And as we've experienced, a few small changes to the order and origin of waves of baddies changes the way the mission plays wildly.

I think considering the place the genre is at right now, I can't hold the scripted stuff against them. It's what is popular right now, and I like it well enough in other games. Toward the end, you get some open combats like you would in a Halo or Crysis, and the breaching really comes into its own, sometimes in a way that it never did in MP even, because you were the only offensive force.

I just beat it and it wasn't stellar like the MP, but it was good. Particularly enjoyed the database info for flavor.

That's fair. I'd love to see a post-mortem on the game and find out how the campaign mode was developed (did it start out as a "by-the-numbers" affiar, or did it wind up that way?), and why EA was so quiet about the game in the run-up to release considering the legacy of the original and the fact that they were quick to scoop the title up as a publisher. But that's me, and I'm fascinated by that sort of thing.

I can probably be on tomorrow if people are interested. I've got most of the day up until about 3:30pm EST and then I'll be back in the evening.

Unfortunately, I'm unavailable tomorrow evening (I have to go into work after-hours to tweak our router and security camera system). Hopefully others will be around.

Work assignment canceled - will be around from about 8EST on.

Just did some two-player runs (Western Europe through China) on Hard mode with non-Goodjer StanliTech member Nightfox. It was a little challenging, but the overwhelming sensation was, "Wow, this game's every bit as fun as I remember it!" He's working on leveling up his character (currently at 27) and has mentioned he'll be around tomorrow evening, so I encourage anyone available and willing to get some games going. I'll be home around 9PM EST and will try to get in on whatever may be happening at that point - I know it's a Monday night, but one well-played mission is worth twenty stupid silent non-cooperative public matches.

Hey, sorry I missed your invite - around NBA playoff time I often leave the Xbox on and switch to the ballgame. I'll watch around 9 tomorrow.

So, it's that time of the week again. I'm going to make it a point to be available for Syndicate tomorrow night, 9:00PM EST onwards. Anyone else in?

I am going out to a pub in the earlier evening so I don't know if I'll be back in time but if I am, I will be on. If not, I am going to have almost the entire weekend to myself so if anyone wants to hook up for expert runs on Saturday or Sunday before dinner time (when I'm taking my Mom out for Mother's Day), I'm in.

Parallax Abstraction wrote:

I am going out to a pub in the earlier evening so I don't know if I'll be back in time but if I am, I will be on. If not, I am going to have almost the entire weekend to myself so if anyone wants to hook up for expert runs on Saturday or Sunday before dinner time (when I'm taking my Mom out for Mother's Day), I'm in.

I'll see what I can do for the weekend. Sunday's out (finally going to see The Avengers), but Saturday might be workable. I've given Nightfox0042 notice about this evening via XBL messaging and will pass on word about Saturday/Sunday.

My Xbox is back online. Let's party cyberpunk style!

(I will try to be online this Thursday. That is the usual day for the secret board meetings, yes?)

Maybe? There's really little traffic here these days. : \ Thursdays are presently not good for me unless anyone wants to run things pretty late - currently, I don't get home until 10EST on Thursdays. Tuesdays and Fridays work better for me.

But that's me. Others may and will differ.

I have a new commitment on Thursdays but Tuesday or Friday should be fine for me. Need one more!

Good enough for me. I'll start getting my chops up again tonight if i can get a pub game going.

Friday I really think I can manage this week. The last couple of weeks have been kind of a nightmare but I think I should be good this Friday. My girlfriend and I do have to do some running around and pay a visit to the new place we're renting but I should be back before 9.

Friday it is! Although I'm still available this evening. Should be on XBL from about 7EST on, if anyone's still in.

If you've got room for another recruit Friday night, please hit me up. I may be out for a while but will hopefully be back around 8 EST. I need to get some co-op in for a review and I would love to join StanliTech Corp.

kincher, I just submitted a friend request via XBL. Accept it and then I'll be able to send you an invite to StanliTech. We may just get this thing moving again!

Accepted, Mr. BagginsUnderhill! Will do my best to join you Friday.

Stuck working late. Sorry guys. Hopefully some people are enjoying the coolest multiplayer FPS action around.

So a StanliTech "board meeting" still needs to happen. I'll be spending tomorrow evening with my girlfriend as she's going away for a month for school on Saturday morning but I'll be around all weekend and don't plan on spending it doing much. Anyone want to get some Expert runs in?

I'd like to. Damn it, why does this game, wait, it's so much fun with four people. Blargh.

Hey, who wants to play some Syndicate on Friday evening? I'm off for once, so the standard "oh crap guys, I'm stuck at work late again" thing shouldn't happen. I have to work Saturday morning, but I'm prepared to stay up late and pound coffee all day if it means getting in that sweet, sweet co-op action.

I really miss this game.

I may frustrate you by being online but in Netflix mode with the fiance or in fact be willing to play but be complete dead weight due to my lack of levelling. In other words, if you're desperate to fill a slot, I'm in.

Noted, Maclintok. I still owe you some help leveling, so if things don't pan out in the way of getting the more seasoned players and you find yourself free/want to play, hit me up.

I have to quickly clean the apartment on Friday so the landlord can show it to someone on Saturday but I should be in for sure this time! StanliTech reppin' hard? Come on guys!

Man, I'm gonna have to pick this game up. I've seen some of the coop stuff, and it looks so slick.

Good deal, Parallax. I'm going to message everyone on StanliTech via XBL message this evening and hopefully get anyone not following the thread to get in.

Nicholaas - it's great when you can get people to play it. Given the nature of it, it can suck to play public games - some people just don't want to cooperate.