East Bay Pinball Slap & Tickle: Date Change: Wed, Feb 29, 6PM!

Bumpity bump, friends. Who wants to come out and watch me slaughter HedgeWizard at Champion Pub? Who wants to have a martini with the real Julian "rabbit" Murdoch? Who wants to kick it in the bustling metropolis of Alameda?

You do, that's who.

Whatevs, sweet cheeks! The only game I'm gonna play is Fireball, and I will own joo all!

Champion Pub is gone =(

They have had a decent amount of turnover of the GWJer favs.
Fireball is in the front room though. Someone was hogging it all night a couple weeks ago.

Noooo.... Champion Pub is gone!?

Hopefully they added something awesome and new to replace it with

There is a 3d (no glasses required) alien invasion/abduction one that is neat.

Revenge from mars!?

That is the one!

edit: Have fun tonight guys! I'll be there in spirit.

fangblackbone wrote:

That is the one!

edit: Have fun tonight guys! I'll be there in spirit.

Eewww. I don't want to taste blackbone in my liquor. That's just wrong.

I'll be getting home from work at 6ish, picking up the car and heading over through traffic, so I'll see you guys in the 6:45-7 range! Excited!

Revenge from Mars. Super excited.

Who has two thumbs and a 370 page report to push out tonight? Sorry guys. It's close but not close enough.

Have fun tonight!

I might be there early. Like right now. Who will save me from boredom first?

Thanks for the fun, tonight! Good to see all of you again. I'm honestly surprised I convinced my wife and kid to come. Max's first pinball outing was a success. He declares pinball to be "Awesome" and "Fabulous".

Your sOn is wise. I love these pinball outings. The fact that the worlds best bar openned across the street makes it even better!

Glad you enjoyed it rabbit! I hope you didn't drop all your cash there ;P

Had a blast last night, everyone. Thanks for coming out!

Demiurge wrote:

Had a blast last night, everyone. Thanks for coming out!

Ditto! It was good seeing everyone!

Thread arise!

Just wanted to let you guys know that the bar across the street, (rabbit's favorite?) Fireside Inn has Taco and Trivia Tuesdays. I went last week and had a complete blast! The drink special was $4 Jameson shots and I think they had 12 year? Jameson shots for $7. The tacos are from a great taqueria 2 doors down and the bar is open to bringing your own food in.

The trivia was diverse and thankfully not brain dead. The games and prizes were a lot of fun. My team jumped out of the gate and was leading until the last 2 rounds. Of the 10 rounds, we were first for 1-8, tied in the 9th and lost in the 10th. Not winning was a good thing because I think they were trying to kill us with the first place prize! (PBR's and shots for the whole team)

Anyways, it is a great place and I can't imagine if Rabbit ever comes back to the Bay Area, not going to the Fireside Inn before/during/after pinball!

edit: did this work in not so subtly provoking rabbit to make another west coast trip?