Borderlands 2 Catch-All

I found myself already attached to certain manufacturers in Borderlands 1.

shoptroll wrote:

Like have one of the old guard hand you a weapon from your previous game or something.

See, that's exactly what I'm aiming for. Something to make a weapon like that meaningful. In the current system that could have been a junk-drop at the last second of the game for that character, because there is no context to the weapons.
When I load up my old save-game I have no idea if my weapons are decent and well-used or if I just picked them up and was waiting for something/anything to replace them.
For a game so invested in making it about the weapons it seems.... a bit empty.
Again, let me stress that I am most likely insane and talk to my houseplants. (Frank may be dead. Not sure what happened but he started leaning a bit and when I nudged him it looked like his roots had rotted out from under him. Kinda sad.)

Rezzy wrote:

I was just constantly bothered by having to throw out my old weapons. That rifle mowed down more than a thousand zombies with me... but this one reloads .05 seconds faster. So why can't I just swap the faster part into my tried and true rifle? Or steal that scope? Or swap in that bigger magazine?

And I had the complete opposite experience: I loved constantly getting new and unique guns. I feel like a too extensive crafting system could upset the perfect balance of rpg/fps/etc. that the first one was.

I just hope they make it easier to move weapons around between your alt characters. Then again, I think a lot of the 'problems' with this game are really just Gearbox having NO IDEA people were going to fall in love with this game the way they did and play it to death, which is the best kind of problem to have. If they just make the same game but fix those kinds of 'problems', add enough new content to keep it fresh, and give us more of the humor and just...awesome sauce that was the General Knoxx DLC, I'll be a very happy camper.

CheezePavilion wrote:

If they just make the same game but fix those kinds of 'problems', add enough new content to keep it fresh, and give us more of the humor and just...awesome sauce that was the General Knoxx DLC, I'll be a very happy camper.

This, a lot.

I loved the audio diaries and dialogue with General Knoxx. Lots of giggling, prompting Dragonfly to look over and ask what the hell I was laughing at.

Oh. My. sh*t. That trailer made me happy in so many ways. I rarely buy AAA games on Day 1, but I'm pre-ordering this bad boy. It's a long time to launch, but I can wait.

It's silly, but to be honest Duke Nukem has colored my excitement for this game ever so slightly. I'm pretty sure that I'm still going to pick this up day one-- the first game brought so much enjoyment to me- but it's disappointing that Duke was a game they felt was worth releasing. I'm going to imagine it was released solely for purposes of history, though, and try to look past that one little blight.

Despite the big reveal of classes outside of the Gunzerker, I don't think that all of the available characters have been yet revealed. I just have one of those nagging feelings, especially after the Gearbox Conference at PAX Prime last fall.


Unless Zero is the other female character...? Or perhaps the person with the riot-esque shield?

I hope the level caps don't get out of control (balance wise) this time.
I'm waiting for the prophesied Collector's Edition before I go pre-order.

Is that Siren at the very end?

mooosicle wrote:

Is that Siren at the very end?

Lilith? Yeah, I believe it is. Sounds more like Athena though, but they have been showing Lilith with orange hair in the "real life" version...

f*ck yes. Day one.

The only reason I haven't pre-ordered is because I'm waiting for a collectors edition. A die-cast clap trap would look great next to my Big Daddy and Batman (and a host of other) figurines.

Damn it. I watched the trailer again this morning. This time in 1080p and with high quality headphones. My impression is rapidly teetering towards making this one of my exceptions to the self-imposed $30-or-less rule. Maybe I should finally play the last DLC for the first one...

Improved PC version is all I ask. Less janky menus, no gamespy, more wub wub.

I wonder how many folks are going to fire up Borderlands 1 this weekend. I know I will.

Rexneron wrote:

I wonder how many folks are going to fire up Borderlands 1 this weekend. I know I will.

I might rebuy it haha.

I know this is silly, but I don't like the idea of bird chucking sniper guy being replaced by cyber ninja guy.

15 minutes of Borderlands 2 gameplay footage

I liked BL1 a lot, but never even made it through the main game due to attrition. These 3 definitely need improvement for me to consider BL2:

1. Drop GameSpy, adopt Steamworks
They probably will, but it'll be funny, seeing as how much Randy Pitchfork originally raged against Valve and their Steam monopoly. For me, this was the latest letdown. I tried to play the vanilla PC version co-op with two different friends who at that time had already bought the first or second DLC and it was impossible. So I was forced to play by myself, which led to...

2. Add more single-player incentives
There are the people like Elysium and myself, who prefer solo play over co-op. Or just pure introverts, who do not have that many friends to potentially play this with. Or people who buy the game a year late, when the GWJ hive-mind has moved on to greener pastures.
More quests, more story, more events, something to counteract the frustration of "we send you into some 20min+ instances several times without any chance to do every quest in that zone in one run" and "oh look, you were unlucky enough to have found neither a corrisive nor an incendiary weapon by level 25 - sucks to be you".

3. Differentiate the weapons
Instead of a bajillion weapons, have a few hundred really distinct ones. Looks like they are addressing that...

someone on wrote:

They have said they've reworked the gun system from the ground up. Each manufacturer will look and feel different from each other. For instance...

S&S Munitions have been replaced by Bandits. Their guns look appropriately cobbled together from spare parts (such as a rusty screw for an iron sight, empty beer bottle for a scope) but have unmatched ammo capacity

Tediore guns have been described as "the Wal-Mart of guns"; cheap and disposable. In fact you don't reload them, you throw them away and a replacement spawns in you hand. If there's ammo leftover, the thrown gun will explode doing damage equivilant to how much ammo was left

Vladov guns have always been about high fire rates, and in this game all vladov guns will have multiple barrels.

Basically every gun manufacturer will have distinct looks and handling.

In fact you don't reload them, you throw them away and a replacement spawns in you hand. If there's ammo leftover, the thrown gun will explode doing damage equivilant to how much ammo was left

That is awesome. Is there any limit to that, or can you go around tossing machine gun grenades?

Vladov guns have always been about high fire rates, and in this game all vladov guns will have multiple barrels.

Give me my triple-barrel revolver! And don't make me throw out that cylinder because seriously, the thing's gonna be like a DAO-12 drum.

MilkmanDanimal wrote:



I am so looking forward to this like a fat kid loves cake....



Maya is one of the new Sirens

Interesting, perhaps we will get a back story on what it takes to be a Siren, or what a Siren actually is (ie. witchcraft?).
Edit: Some of my questions have already been answered: IGN: Meet the Siren

To me no game got feedback for weapons as right as Borderlands-- it's not like I can pretend that it was accurate or anything like that- there was just a feel to sound, kickback, and impact of the weapon that coalesced wonderfully. I just hope they keep doing that so well in 2.

Booted up Borderlands for a little while last night... I'll preorder this game once there is confirmation that the PC version will have an adjustable FOV setting. Time to track down that config tool again.

Ya this is gonna kill me that it's so far away. September feels like a lifetime.


Actually, at the start of the game, the guns feel pretty distinct because they're all kind of crappy. At that point, you only really have typical examples of the 5 different gun types.

At the end of the game, you're mainly grinding for Legendaries, and those all have unique and dramatic personalities. At that point, you're not even classing guns by manufacturer, but calling them by name. Everyone who's handled one can instantly identify the signature fire output of a Liquid Orion or a Bessie, or a Serpens. Hell, Friendly Fire's fire spread is a smiley face.

Arguably, they could move that all down significantly, but you already get a mix of nice Legendaries at level 20+ or so.

Cute spread patterns aside, yeah, most of the guns feel pretty samey. You learn to watch for certain prefixes and suffixes that tip you off to variations on the standard weapon: an Anarchy SMG fires two bullets at once (Double Anarchy fires 4), Masher revolvers shoot a spray like a shotgun, and there's one type of shotgun that shoots missiles but you quickly learn to avoid it because missiles suck in Borderlands.

Love the art style. Didn't play 1 I may take the plunge with 2.


It's not just cute spread patterns. Most of the guns feel more or less the same, but the distinctive ones number in the hundred or so - which is exactly what you wanted.

For instance, Liquid Orion always procs Lightning with a x4 modifier, so it's nearly always a large area effect, and it richochets so you can actually bounce it off a wall and hit targets on the far side of a barrier with some reliability. On a direct hit, it procs three times, so it delivers three times the listed damage, plus critical hit bonuses and area damage bonuses - a remarkably deadly gun.

A Penetrator Sniper Rifle is a fully automatic sniper rifle, the only gun of that property in Borderlands (so I keep a constant lookout for them).

A Cyclops is an Atlas sniper rifle with something like a 5.2x zoom, where the normal zoom is about 2.8x. It allows you to shoot from distances so large the game doesn't spawn them that far out.

A Bessie is a Jakobs sniper rifle that always has 100% accuracy zoomed in (so its listed accuracy rating is superfluous) and deals +500% critical hit damage, which allows it to one-shot critical points on even the baddest enemy - Crawmerax.

Pestilent Defiler and Firehawk Maliwan pistols speak for themselves, arguably the strongest weapons in the game per level, in contest with the Maliwan Combustion Hellfire, all due to their ridiculous x6 effective elemental mods (although they each only list x4).

For Rocket Launchers, my fave has to go to either the Undertaker, or the Nidhogg. The Undertaker has incredible boosted damage and insane area-effect, easily enough to prove fatal to inexperienced users. The Nidhogg autodetonates in the air, allowing you to damage enemies by NOT aiming at them, but by managing distance so that the rocket detonates in their proximity, usually dealing ridiculous damage (because Nidhogg also releases 6 secondary rockets with the same damage as the base rocket at a 90 degree angle).

Once you get past a certain level, you don't mess with anything under Purple rarity, and you only pack the best Purples - basing not on the suffix, but on the actual gun part components on the weapon, which you can determine by sight, or by perusing the stats.

I will grant you that the non-Legendaries can seem like they perform the same if you're not very particular about gun performance, but all the guns above orange rarity have radical peculiarities that make their use distinctive.

I mean, I had this Desert Anaconda (boosted damage and accuracy) with a x4 Lightning Element modifier (a very rare combination). It allowed me to rain deadly thunderbolts all over the place like I was Zeus - nearly every bullet was fatal, even if the target wasn't actually hit. I didn't get anything that performed like it until I got a freak Lightning Equalizer with boosted damage - those were the only two weapons of their like that I ever got in 4 multi-playthroughs.

All I've ever said I've wanted was a revolver with a permanent cylinder, like those on the shotguns and sniper rifles.

If you can tell me where to find one of those then by all means.

As for rocket launchers, I rather like the Rhino suffix. It causes the projectile to continuously explode during flight, giving you a chance to actually hit something.

I hope they accommodate Lobster with a permanent cylinder but make him go through a 15 sec single bullet by bullet reload, while my soldiers switches up a magazine in 2 seconds.