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Welcome to Vancouver, Nick!

f*ck Nick.

He change jobs?

oilypenguin wrote:

He change jobs?

They said on the latest Important if True that his wife got a better job there. I don’t remember if they said anymore details other than they’re going to continue the podcasts with him remotely.

additionally, they said he's moving there "for about five months or so"

Ooh that’s cool. I have no idea what Nick’s wife does but I hope they enjoy their time here. Short gig.

I listened to IIT and they said it could end up being longer

Maclintok wrote:

Ooh that’s cool. I have no idea what Nick’s wife does but I hope they enjoy their time here. Short gig.

She's an animator. She's working on movie (can't remember what it is). Nick retweeted her tweet when she got the job.

Hey, you jerks didn't mention that Tone Control is back! *scowl*

For J Allard so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Xbox, that whosoever beith on blade should not perish, but have infinite lives. – Idle Thumbs 3:16

Weeeeeeird. So weird.

There’s a price to pay to learn the secrets of the hat economy.

I'm pretty sure it is just an elaborate ploy to get DOTA 3 named "Lords Management Simulator."

I'm sure it will work out..but also....will their next game ever come out?!?!?!?!?

I honestly hope the Valve thing affords them the time and money to really make their next game as good as Firewatch. I really liked Firewatch (and the Idle Thumbs fools in general) so I'm hopeful at the least.

Maybe they hired them to consult on Half Life 3
Half Life 3 confirmed!

So, I know this is sorta necro'ing this thread, but does anyone have confirmation that Idle Thumbs and If True are dead? I know they've probably been pretty busy with the whole acquisition thing, but it sort of rubs me the wrong way that they just went completely silent as the way to tell fans that it's over.

I did see a tweet where someone said "if it ever comes back", so maybe that's our closure?

I couldn't find any kind of clue on their forums when I looked a month ago. Definite bummer. Valve kills again.

Did they say anything on their Patreon and/or stop taking money? A while ago, when I realized I hadn't seen a new IIT episode on my podcast feed in months, I recall seeing some comment on the forums generally suggesting that Chris and Jake's moves to Seattle were leading to a hiatus, but in a way that suggested it was just temporary. But whatever comment I saw I don't think was from either of them. Certainly if they're still taking money on Patreon, that's terrible! I'd imagine they're thoughtful enough guys to avoid doing that, though then again, from comments they made about issues with their post card mailers, maybe their customer service skills/attention isn't what it should be...

edited to add: I looked up their Patreon and it looks like they're still taking ~$2700/month from people--that sucks! I have to assume that number is much smaller than it was 6+ months ago and that many people have figured it out and canceled, but still they've got ~500 people a month paying them for a podcast they haven't released and have apparently been radio silent about for months? Not cool. nevermind!

The Patreon is “paused” which means no money is being taken, even though people are still subbed to it.

Ah! Glad to hear it, that wasn't clear from looking at the Patreon page (and/or I am dumb).

Sounds like things are still kind of up in the air, leaning towards indefinite hiatus?

Poking around on the forums, it doesn't appear anyone knows when they'll be back.

BTW any Idle Thumbs fans should listen to Video Games Hot Dog. Closest thing to Thumbs out there (from people that used to share office space with them).

I've been going through Steve Gaynor's Tone Control podcast, and plan to start Soren Johnson's Designer Notes series after that. There's still plenty of great stuff on the Idle Thumbs network if you never got around to it before.

All this activity in the Idle Thumbs thread had me hoping a new episode was finally out. Alas!

Chris and Jake were tweeting about the ten year anniversary of the podcast last week and Jake said "I don't know when we'll do another episode, but we're not calling it yet." I wouldn't expect anything before their game comes out.

Nick was streaming the other day which I hadn't seen in a while. Steve also streams quite a bit (I think he's been on everyday since COD came out).

I have Steve in my followed channels list, but I don’t think I have Nick...

He usually drinks and plays games where he dies a lot.

This thread made me nostalgic and I bought a tee shirt.

iaintgotnopants wrote:

He usually drinks and plays games where he dies a lot.

Also Planet Coaster.